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Today, all males recruited from west of the Mississippi River are trained at MCRD San Diego.The depot is responsible for training more than 16,000 recruits annually.Graduation and ship dates are kept up-to-date on this page.We encourage you to join your recruit's graduation group on Facebook.To support their transition to the United States and their PME experience, each IMS will be assigned a US student sponsor.Consider volunteering early for this important billet.You really have to know what you are doing with one and every time it updates it must be setup again.As far as USB ports, it needs at least one, but two or more would be advised.

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WELCOME ABOARD CLASS OF 2018-2019 Director’s Welcome Aboard Letter Student Bio Form - Inbound students, send this Student Bio Form in PDF format to [email protected] 1 July 2018.

If that is the case the USMC schedule will indicate the alternate family day and graduation dates.

Parris Island and San Diego DO NOT necessarily follow the same schedules when there are changes.

See the links below for Official Recruit Parents Facebook graduation groups.

Ship dates beginning October 2019 and graduation dates beyond December 13, 2019 will be confirmed and added to this page as soon as the Marine Corps publishes those dates which will typically in October, the beginning of their fiscal year.

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