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penpals Age:36I am a: Woman Location: Laval, QC, CABirthday:Looking for: Woman, Man Relationship: Woman Language: English Employment opportunity in Marriott hotels Canada The Management of Marriott hotels Canada, needs new workers who can speaks English or French language which careers suite into this work categories, Stewards, nurses, Technicians, Fashion designers ,comedians and Entertainers, models, actors, dancers, medical doctor, Artisans, Mechanics, engineer, cleaners, washers, security, Club Bouncers, Catering supervisor, Cooks, Receptionist, Food & Beverage Management, Store Keeper, Landscape & graphic designer, Computer Engineering, professional massage, Professional Chauffeurs, professional beauticians, professional Gardener and florist, Gym and exercise instructors, etc.

Our hotel will be responsible for the payment for his/her air ticket and accommodation, so if you are interested to work and live in canada, you can contact us immediately with your C.

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