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This behavior is something we'll continue to evaluate to make sure we're providing clarity.Is Facebook privacy only an illusion, designed to lull us into sharing more than we would if we knew what the company really did with our data?To do that, though, you need all the right questions to ask.Find all the best questions to ask your best friend below and immediately start having better, more interesting conversations.I agree with Abezgauz on this issue: Facebook has no right to siphon our friends off of a list putatively set to be private.Hands off, Facebook, and please, fix this privacy hole.Another chance to grumble about the world and have a great conversation. The point of a question is, after all, to get to know something.So, you want the questions to ask your best friend to also be get to know you questions. Here are 8 get to know you questions to ask your best friend: Get straight to the point about what your friend cares about. The choice will explain how they relate to the world. Politics, exams, romantic partners: find out what’s really on their mind.

These cards contain messages of love, encouragement or friendship, or are blank for your words.Use these conversation starters to get the conversation going. A great way to start talking about how you behave without each other around.Here are 9 conversation starter questions to ask your best friend: You’d be surprised how many people say “yes.”What does your friend really want? If there was ever a question to ask your best friend to get a conversation started…Find out and make a plan to go together soon.According to Venture Beat, Abezgauz revealed the vulnerability at the recent App Sec USA 2013 security conference in New York.Abezgauz told Venture Beat that Facebook’s playing fast and loose with this on-again, off-again approach to privacy: It’s all about privacy and people trusting that Facebook is making the best effort to protect the privacy of users. It’s not about protecting the privacy of users as long as it stays out of the way of Facebook growing and expanding.

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