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#12076: Patchelf can link against an incompatible libc ver...2019.05.1, Released July 7th, 2019 Important / security related fixes.These defconfigs will be added back once a package providing such toolchain is available.Also dropped ts4800 defconfig as it does not build with GCC = 8.x.#11671: russian locale ru_RU:145: LC_TIME: syntax error #11701: recuuring of usr and in bin shortcuts are created #11741: pigpio does not build host-pigpio #11876: automount using host mount/umount #11881: Build breaks with lftp package enabled and libexpat1-dev inst..#11921: dahdi fails to build #11936: libcpprestsdk should install to staging #11946: wilink-bt-firmware: moved from github to #11961: libpri build failure #12086: dhcp shared libraries not installed to target #12096: tcpreplay: build fails if libdumbnet-dev is installed in the..Toolchain: Ensure pre-built Andes toolchains can only be selected when x86 32bit support is available on the host.

Updated/fixed packages: clamav, dovecot, dovecot-pigeonhole, gcc, intel-microcode, libmicrohttpd, libmodplug, mpg123, nginx, openldap, python, qemu, samba4, squid, strace, vlc Issues resolved ( #11686: fbdev_drv.so: undefined symbol: shadow Update Packed Weak,..The classic HTML output is still available with --html. Drop non-conventional version prefix/suffix/separators for packages for better compatibility with Packages: Init systems: Add basic openrc support and _INSTALL_INIT_OPENRC variable in the infrastructure to install openrc service scripts if enabled.busybox: Build each applet as a separate binary when SELinux is enabled for more finegrained policy control.Gnuconfig updated to 2019-05-28, adding C-SKY support.test-pkg: Correct long option handling and clean output dir after a successful build to save disk space.

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