1920 s dating

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They created what many consider the “modern” woman.During the 1920's the Women's Movement failed to make a few changes within women at home and the workforce, but they did accomplish some with morals and divorce.The wife of the marriage was allowed to do more than just sit home and do the chores.

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They become independent both financially and literally.

The 1920's was very successful for the women's movement, because it gave them a voice in society, and they started to create their own social group. The Flapper attitude was characterized by truthfulness, fast-living, and sexual behavior.

During World War One, young girls bought into the patriotic fervor and entered the workforce.

Also, women had gained more power in the marriage due to the 19th amendment that gave women the right to vote.

This helped wives in the marriage realize they could make a change and not always be in the shadow of their husband.

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