1st yr dating anniversary gifts best online dating offer more than blind dates

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Choose to either have a map or a satellite photo of your favorite place.

It could be where you met, were engaged, married, your home or where you love to go. You could even send her a paper rose or a paper kite for you both to go and fly.

A gift that treats him and yourself at the same time is definitely one you'll want to look into.

A couples massage, facial, or aromatherapy session is the ultimate way to indulge yourselves on your special day.

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Since this is a paper anniversary gift, go with something wedding-related or choose a theme that has personal meaning to your relationship.He'll be so excited if you surprise him with concert tickets, and even if it's not the day of your anniversary, it'll give him something to look forward to.Speaking of vacations, how about booking an Airbnb in a romantic cottage (like this gorgeous one in Nashville! You'll have the whole pad to yourselves; plus, it'll be so fun exploring a new city together.Add a picnic on paper plates and you have a full paper day out!If you are thinking of being more extravagant then on the gemstone anniversary list you can celebrate with pearls.

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