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She studied the secondary school of Design and photography in Ljubljana and graduated at the University of Ljubljana for one year before dropping out. She has got a degree in architecture and design from the university. After two years, she signed on with an agency in Milan.

During the period of modeling, she worked in Milan Paris before moving to New York in 1996.

The USA did not join in until she was attacked by Japan in December 1941 at Pearl Harbor.

Europe's totalitarian past is relevant to this debate.

She applied as a model of “extraordinary ability” then she obtained a green card from a lawful permanent resident in 2001. In addition, she has a successful jewellery line on QVC and a Skincare line.Britain, a latecomer to the European construction, when its authoritarian foundations were already set in stone, never had a hope of influencing this profoundly undemocratic institution in the direction of our ancient Parliamentary democracy. Across Europe the vaunted European project is crumbling before our eyes.Fuelled by the mass unemployment and social dislocation caused by the disastrous Euro experiment, far from peace and order, extremist parties are on the rise across the EU from Greece to Sweden, and from France to Austria.A fragile peace was finally imposed on those troubled lands not by the EU, but by Nato bombs and arm twisting backed by the Atlantic alliance's military muscle.So the EU's record at actually keeping the peace is fairly shabby.

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