21 dating 16 ohio

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If you think she's mature etc go for it - don't just judge her on her age or what your friends think.I don't see a problem I've dated and had a large gap between us..a 12 year gap.But the only thing is, which I don't know how the law is there, but here you have to watch out.If you are older than 18 and you date younger than 18 that can wind you up in jail. Sometimes you have to imagine it out of the artificially extended dependency periods you find in the west and imaging yourselves double the age.A teen won’t notice if their love is overly jealous, constantly needs their ego boosted, talks down to them, disregards their feelings, or doesn’t respect their sexual boundaries.All things that any grown person with a decent amount of self esteem should run from immediately.

My question involves criminal law for the state of: OHIO I'm 19years old and my boyfriend is 16years old, we have been dating since he was 15 and I was 18 and just recently found out that I am pregnant, I know the legal age of consent to have sex is 16 and the baby is conceived after he turned 16, several months after he turned 16 and several months after i turned 19..I or will I get in trouble because of the age difference? My due date isn't until next year after I turn 20 and he turns 17.... a 19 yr old girl and 16 yr old "dad" is hardly the ideal parents. And there are more charges than sex charges that can be brought up, as well.

We weren't trying to get pregnant, we both want to live our lives first before having kid(s).

I was told by my doctor that I couldn't get pregnant and I ended up getting pregnant 9months after being with my fiance'.

Every grown person I’ve run into that was interested in teenagers, has been someone dysfunctional enough no one their own age would touch them, so they have to go for someone too young and naive to know any better.

Someone they can groom to think their dysfunctions are normal.

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