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wow ouch from personal expience all i can say is in elementry school the gap can be at most 3 or 4 in middle school its shorten to 1 or 2 maybe 3 if the girl is hot in high school the age difference would be from 1-6 in my high school we get a few 20 year old guys : P(morans) Some people, like my dumb bitch cousin, get left back a lot.

I hate when kids go "maried people can be 5 years apart, so can we!

I was so vastly different from the person I ever pictured I would be at the age of 10.

If you can't trust your kid for 30 minutes after prom, then how can you trust them after school/sports/activities or even at a friend's house or church event?

Especially since there is another girl in my grade who I like, but I don't think she likes me.

Where I'm from we have what we call a '2 year rule' which means you can date anyone who is 2 years younger/ older than yourself, I guess it would increase when you get older to like your 20s or 30s, and my unmatched skills of logic and reason lead me to believe that there is 2 years difference between a 8th grader and a 6th grader.

She started texting me and texting me and texting me and TEXTING ME, she still is now actually.

I kinda like this 8th grader, but I also kinda like the other girl that's my age.

I guess it's a date because she's not bringing anyone else, and neither am i.

But the problem is that, I'm not sure if I should be getting into this with an 8th grader.

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