A dating site for single parent

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It’s important to be upfront with the person you’re dating with your likes, dislikes and what you want in a partner.If you don’t see the relationship going anywhere, don’t just disappear without a word-a brief conversation will keep them from taking precious time away from their child to wonder where you went off to.You don’t know who’s going to light your fire once you get to meet them.Potential partners on paper can be duds when you meet face to face, and dating profiles that seem average can be hiding a real gem.So I’m not afraid to join Ok Cupid, Match, Tinder, and Bumble all at the same time. I can dial back if I get too much action, but I’m throwing my net out as wide and far as I can. Here’s a chance to put out there what you are all about. Once the process of coordinating a date comes into play, both partners have to be very flexible. Know your limits, but express and encourage flexibility whenever possible.

Those “drop everything” moments are not so shocking if you’ve had them yourself.

We all work out and travel, in some fashion, or we don’t. Also don’t gloss over your wants and desires, and if you have several dealbreakers (one of mine is smoking), put those in your profile. Give as much information as you can (“Long walks on the beach” descriptions are lame). If you’re a tennis player, mention that in your About section. See if the future date/partner can be flexible when things don’t work out.

If you’re a single mum or dad looking for love, you’re in the right place.

Sleepovers might not be allowed, and you might feel like you’re in high school, sneaking around again…which could be fun, at least for a little while.

No matter what type of relationship you’re in, game playing is never good…but when it comes to single parent dating, it’s downright mean.

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