Abusive or intimidating behavior toward employees

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One of the principal causes of unethical behavior in organizations is overly aggressive financial or business objectives.Many of these issues relate to decisions and concerns that managers have to deal with daily.Screaming Mimis are loud and obnoxious, and their abusive behavior is meant to berate and humiliate people. However, if co-workers don’t provide the right amount of attention, these bullies can quickly turn on them.Attention seekers are often overly dramatic and relate everything to something that’s going wrong in their own lives to garner sympathy and control. This is an employee who sees himself or herself as absolutely indispensable and expects recognition for everything.All of these activities add up to lost productivity and profits for the employers and relate to ethical issues in the area of time theft.Abusive and Intimidating Behavior Abusive and intimidating behavior is the second most common ethical problem for employees.

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility We define business ethics as the principles and standards that determine acceptable conduct in business organizations.

What these bullies offer in technical skill, however, they severely lack in emotional maturity.

Gurus see themselves as being superior to their co-workers.

Many experts agree that ethical leadership, ethical values, and compliance are important in creating good business ethics.

Many consumers and social advocates believe that businesses should not only make a profit but also consider the social implications of their activities.

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