Adobe flash player constantly updating

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Flash Player also provides a set of underlying capabilities that allows developers to author media and applications that adhere to best practices for security and privacy with respect to the application user, the client computer, the host server, and the respective data.

Adobe AIR enables developers to author applications using HTML, Java Script, or Action Script in either Adobe Flash Builder® or Flash Professional software.

To help ensure that potentially malicious activities do not infiltrate your network or its systems, Flash Player includes customizable user and administrative controls.

Adobe AIR applications adhere to a different security context than applications that run in Flash Player in the browser.SWF files typically consist of two components: multimedia content and Action Script® instructions.Action Script is the programming language of the Adobe Flash Platform.SWF files may interact with SWF files from other sandboxes—and with servers—but only if explicitly allowed via permission controls set by the resource stakeholders of the other sandbox.For more information, see the Adobe Flash Player 10 Security white paper.

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