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Outside of Tenerife's southern resorts, the best of the bar action doesn't get going till after midnight which doesn't suit the pattern of every visitor who's interested in drinking up the atmosphere surrounded by locals.

Staying in a holiday apartment in Santa Cruz, near the Noria district, you can enjoy early evenings with the pavement cafés buzzing with the never-pausing-for-breath chatter of stylish city dwellers chilling out at the end of the working day.

As a rule of thumb, wherever there is a decent nocturnal scene on Tenerife, there is at least one chic bar for night owls who like their drinks to be served in sophisticated surroundings.

Combine staying in a holiday villa in Tenerife with visiting some of the most stylish bars, one of the easiest to spot is Faro Chill Art in Costa Adeje.

Some of the population are known as 'Indianos' - emigrants who made their fortune in Venezuela or Cuba and returned to their Canary Island homeland to invest their riches.

As a result, the soundtrack of every fiesta is generally dominated by a sizzling Latino beat.

Not surprisingly, Playa de las A is not the nightlife capital for the Canarian population.

Unsurprisingly there's a decent live music scene as well.It's a dark and sexy Cuban bar with an electric atmosphere and isn't for the faint-hearted.Avenida Familia Betencourt y Molina in Puerto de la Cruz is the closest thing to an LGBT district that you'll find in Tenerife.As the evening progresses, the action moves onto rooftop terraces and inside chic venues like Mojos y Mojitos and Los Reunidos as the volume is turned up and the Santa Cruz fashionistas move in.The South American influence in Tenerife is massive with many families having relatives on the other side of the Atlantic.

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