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Never ring in this bell for fun or if you don’t have the money. Bikini bars in the Philippines are the most straight forward way to get laid with a hooker.

They are very similar to the gogo-bars in Thailand.

Long-time: Taking a girl for the entire night, and the following day until she’ll go back to work.

Short-time and Long-time are not used nearly as much as in Thailand.

You enter the bar, there will be music playing and many bars have a pool table or TV’s that show sports.

There will also be many sexy Filipino girls working in the bar making sure that you have a good time. The big different between the sport bars in the Philippines and Thailand is that you can not bar fine the girl so she can leave the bar.

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If you ring the bell you will buy a drink to the entire bar.Any girl in the Philippines can sign up at a dating site and come in contact with guys from all over the world, for free, while working.When I talk with a Pinay girl on a dating sites, and I ask her what she do, she is usually on work while playing with her phone.This guide will follow the same setup as my ‘Thailand Sex Guide for beginners’.I will cover every place in the Philippines you can rent a girlfriend or find sex easily. If you are not interested in that but rather want to meet a ‘real girl’ I have you covered already.

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