Advice confront him about dating relationship

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Join her mailing list to gain access to her free online community, a bonus guided relaxation audio, and her cheat sheet on the twelve areas of fulfilment to focus on for a blissful life. My younger 23-year-old brother, whom I dearly love and admire, is in a serious relationship with a great girl. When they’re together, I can see the tenderness in his eyes when he encourages her or the teasing affection when they verbally spar with each other. Which is why what I’m about to ask is troubling me so much.If you go into this with an expectation of an apology or acknowledgement of being in the wrong, you may feel like speaking your mind didn’t “work.” Remember, you are standing up for yourself to be true to yourself.That’s the important part—which means you need to be open to the potential consequences.I’m not suggesting that we go around telling everybody exactly what we think of them all the time; nor am I advocating generating negativity in your relationships over minor events.

Be aware of the triggers within yourself so that you can feel them without letting them control you.

Bounce the situation off a trusted friend, with no agenda other than to explore it. If you still feel the same, you are probably onto something. Do you get a sensation of feeling hot or tight in the chest?

If you decide that you are being wronged and you wish to speak up, think about the situations and encounters with this person that tend to upset you. It’s important to explore this, because when you confront them you need to be prepared to do so calmly and rationally.

It helps us all when we’re willing to teach each other to be better, and not shy away from it because it is painful or embarrassing.

The next time you feel you have been unfairly treated by another, take these steps to address it: Before you confront this person, think about the situation. Is there anything else that may be contributing to your emotions?

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