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It’s true that humanity knows too little to endorse strict atheism, but we also know too much to accept the various religious explanations about our universe that have historically been offered.

With scientific testing, we’ve been able to conclude that religious doctrines are flawed, to say the least.

The point is that it chooses to investigate various possibilities instead of avoiding the subject altogether.

It’s difficult for an atheist to adopt a label like “agnostic” when so much research has planted dissent in dogmatic answers.

Atheism, meanwhile, indicates some recognition that the body of evidence is stacked on the non-mystic end of the possibility spectrum.

There’s a reason that agnosticism exists, but it’s not to avoid meaningful discussions and challenging people’s beliefs.

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Everyone knows the risk of letting religious fervor go unchecked, so secularists are all too happy to jump into the fray, but having two in a debate doesn’t make one right.When it comes to disbelief in a god, there are two categories you can fall under.If you are a weak atheist, that is, you say, “I do not believe in a god,” you are an agnostic atheist.Netflix and chill: An invitation to watch Netflix together, which has become slang for coming over to have sex.No hookups: Hooking up is slang for any kind of casual sexual behavior, from kissing to intercourse, so “no hookups” indicates someone looking for a serious relationship.

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