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Songs are often written to be cleverly self-censored, such as disregarding the rhyming scheme or timing sound effects to avoid profanity.

Shorts based on mature content, such as Assassin's Creed, Five Nights at Freddy's and Dead Space, typically present light-hearted versions of the characters, rather than their colder in-game incarnations.

To help promote Nintendo's titles, Random Encounters produced a short musical starring Wario, which included a surprise Charles Martinet cameo at the end.

Nintendo teamed with RE again in 2015 for the launch of their new franchise, Splatoon, by helping host a multi-cam let's play tournament In August 2015, posted an online article linking Random Encounters to a Disney XD initiative labeled "Disney XD by Maker." The crossover will reportedly seek to "find and develop video concepts for distribution on You Tube, as well as potentially Disney and the Watch Disney XD app.

Anthony Joseph "AJ" Hensdale is a recurring character in The Fosters.

He first appeared in the season 3 episode Wreckage.

It would be her first of three Divas Championships.

AJ tells Callie how, while in foster care, he and his brother had a "bat signal" which was a certain symbol they used to let each other know when to see each other at their usual meeting place at a park. He has an athletic build and black hair with dark eyes.

The Needlemouse song was requested by Sega to be performed live at their 2011 Sonic Boom community event, where Pinkerton and Srinivasan first recognized the demand for their product and began development on a series of popular games as musical numbers.

Random Encounters consistently caters to both children and adults.

The series' derives much of its humor from each song's lyrics, which often make reference to in-game events, pop culture or internet memes.

While most videos are performed with live action setups, some songs feature animation, generally designed to appear more cartoonish and kawaii than lifelike.

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