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I met two guys in their thirties who got me between them like the creamy stuff in the middle of a...The Facebook of Sex will help you explore the erotic lifestyle with sexy, open-minded people in your area!I've been going for years here, I only go to the theatre but lots of guys use the arcade also. Will be in booth waiting for clean cock to pop tart gloryhole. Please contact through my profile if you're int... Arriving around 8 pm or a bit after, looking to play and hopefully take a load in one of my holes.A fair number of guys just off the street go in as well as the old trolls but now and then you get a ... The toilet has low stall walls making understall activity impossible, but facilitating eye contact, I have hooked up at night; during the day I wouldn't bother. Headed there tonight, will be in last booth to right sucking cock until it pumps a load in my mouth or can shoot your thick sticky load deep in my tight hole. I'm tight, disease-free and can control muscles in my hole to squeeze your ...Bypassing the sex toy shop it's easy just walk straight to... It's a great place, but be ready to get a little workout getting up there. I'm going to be here at this location today all day.Like all adult bookstores in Albuquerque, this one is also a hit or miss. The tops stand in the hallway, while bottoms go into the booths. This spot is still my favorite cruising spot for stocky men, truckers, and other older men. I'll have a bottle and some smoke and a few new bottles of poppers. The further up you go, the more quiet spots you find. I have no money but if you pay for me to get in a booth I will suck you until you cum all over my face. I had been fantasizing to come up with the courage to finally strip completely nude in a theatre and finally hung out naked here this past February. I net a buffed, married, black guy who gave the eye.

I'd also love to find a dive buddy or travel companion (my longtime dive buddy is giving up diving because of health problems).The gay guys there are always with someone and the place is always packed with lesbians -- very few men looking for action. I've been in and out of town over the past couple of months. Since it is way too visible, most patrons park their vehicles in the back but you can tell how busy it is in the front. Plenty of room in one of the stalls if you wanted to do more than suck or be sucked. I've gone here a couple times recently, and always found a guy to suck off or suck me off. Hike up and you will come across several private sandy areas where you can get naked and maybe come across others. There is a sign for reporting inappropriate behavior, but sucking and jerking still happens. The bathroom in the middle of the building has a gloryhole between the two stalls with a peephole looking at the urinals. A guy will be in the next stall wanting some cock or get his cock sucke... There are many other rooms and spaces to play in close by.I tried looking this canyon up on Google Earth and it looks like it is smack dab in the middle of a housing area. Night is the best time because there aren't many people are around. This place was hopping on a sunny Veteran's Day afternoon.The Dry Canyon is south of NM 82 between mile marker 5 and mile marker 6.Go up the hill towards Cloudcroft, right after the little Smokey The Bear sign on the right turn right down into the dirt road...

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