Alice in wonderland dating sim game

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Languages: Japanese Type: Gx B Rating: Mature Our heroine, Alice Liddel, was just taking a nap in her garden.

And was waiting for the return of her beloved sister who went to take cards for a card game with Alice. Actually Alice just ignored it and fell asleep again.

Lost Alice – otome game/dating sim #shall we date (MOD, Unlimited All) 1.4.2 android Download: Open the door of destiny to Wonderland.

Be amazed by classic characters from the immortal masterpiece Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. [Upgrade Description for version 1.4.2] Minor bugs fixed.

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Then, however, you spot a mysterious man with bunny ears jumping down a sort of rabbit hole. When you awaken, you come face-to-face with the rabbit man (Oliver White), and he explains your situation to you: the rabbit hole is a portal between two worlds, Wonderland and "the surface" (the normal world).

The portal can only be opened once every 30 days, so you will have to remain in Wonderland for 30 days before returning to the surface.

Suddenly, Alice saw a white rabbit, and surprising in clothes also holding a pocket watch! But then a mysterious man with white rabbit ears picked up Alice and jumped down a hole out of nowhere.

Where Alice arrived is the bloody Wonderland where everyone will fall in love with her.

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