An unexpected error has occured updating mac

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Face Time, i Message, i Cloud all work in the original account. Software Update.plist /Library/Preferences - no dice.I've tried several things to fix the user account. Did you remove everything within the /Library/Preferences/ folder, or just the ones in the box?Deleted several caches (system and library) zapped the p RAM, started in safe mode and then restarted, all to no avail. I have removed the ones in the box and it didn't fix it, but I'm not sure about deleting all of them at once in case they're important haha. As it's just affect the app store and since I can use that in a different account, I'm just using that work around for now. You didn’t mention if the Mac is new or used, but I’m betting there was another Apple ID used on that Mac, and that is causing the problem.

This issue is happening too frequently when you update the client, so maybe stop updating for our sake! We are VERY frustrated, for not being able to play, this happening too often, losing premium account days etc - there should be compensation! It started up - did the big logo screen and then the normal downloading/updating screen with the counter top right - it downloaded a 68MB update and then crashed to the Report | Restart | Quit page.would you like me to start a new thread?Last time was for a week in which I lost 6 days of premium play, this is getting to be total BS.Pl Z test on PC and on Mac as well is not a unreasonable request DEVs OMG not again.....annoying.Because of its vast technologies features, mostly users come across some difficulties while using Apple Mac device.That’s why we recommend you to place a call at Apple Mac Tech Customer Support to get your issues fixed.

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