An unexpected error occurred while updating files

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Fortunately, there are some general workarounds available to fix common Windows Defender issues, and we suggest you try them out, for lack of a better solution.Maybe one of the workarounds listed below can solve this issue.

I can see this in the "About this Mac" dialog and that the App Store doesn't show any updates.Not being able to use Windows Defender can be a security risk, but we hope that you managed to solve this problem using one of our solutions.I am trying to install Arc GIS Student Edition 10.3.1 on my laptop. The instruction is to run on the DVD to launch the setup menu.In addition to the Security Center service, some users are also recommending to reset Windows Defender Service, so be sure to do that as well.After resetting the required services, check if the problem still persists.error message, you might be able to fix the problem simply by updating your Windows.

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