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Edwards and Berrera-Kearns were replaced by Beth Anthony and Glen Naessens.David "Puck" Rainey was evicted from the house by his roommates during Season 3 and replaced by Joanna "Jo" Rhodes.In Season 5, Melissa Padrón left the house on her own after finding the living situation with some of the other roommates unhealthy, but Padrón remained part of the production and cast assignment.In Season 22, Bronne Bruzgo was banned from residing at the cast's hotel suite by hotel management due to throwing a hotel fire extinguisher from the suite into a pool many feet below.In Season 28, Johnny Reilly, Averey Tressler, and Daisy (Tressler's pet dog) voluntarily moved out of the cast's loft to a hotel after physical violence and continued threats from a fellow castmember.Reilly, Tressler, and Daisy remained part of the production until filming wrapped.In Season 29, Ashley Mitchell left during the season after asking her roommates to vote whether they wanted her to stay.

First broadcast in 1992, the show is the longest-running program in MTV history, consistently ranking as a top-rated cable series among viewers 12–34 years old. As of Season 32, a total of 252 cast members have appeared on the show.There have been nine instances in which an original cast member left the house during production and was replaced by another roommate.During Season 2, David Edwards was asked to leave by his roommates and Irene Berrera-Kearns left because she got married.In Season 32, Mike Crescenzo chose to leave the house after saying multiple racial comments and fearing how he will be portrayed on-air despite having remorse over his choice of words.Later that season, Theo King-Bradley was removed from the show by production after the start of a physical altercation with his cousin, who joined the cast as Theo's Bad Blood counterpart, when it became apparent no resolution would occur between the two cousins.

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