Andy rooney dating older women

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I didn't get overly excited about racing my Mustang against Paul Newman in his battered old red VW bug down Sunset Boulevard at midnight. (I've always regretted that he didn't use a saddle; I was picking horse hairs out of my butt for a week.) And nothing happened when I danced with Jimmy Stewart. She didn't mention him once in her award acceptance speech the other night at the Golden Globes, so one never knows how long these infatuations might last. I actually met Cary Grant at a premiere once and it hardly fazed me. And I didn't get this excited when Wilford Brimley scooped me up and plopped me onto the rear of the horse he was galloping on without even slowing down. He'll never know, since I forced myself to sound sophisticated and professional on the phone, that his little old call resulted in a resurgence of my teenage emotions. Gee, Andy Rooney thought mine were better than theirs. John Foster Dulles never phoned Carol Burnett at all that I know of, and she may still be all hot and bothered over him, even though he's dead and gone for over 50 years.When Carol Burnett was very young, she sang a song called, "I Made A Fool of Myself Over John Foster Dulles." She sang her heart out about her infatuation with Dulles, who was not only the Secretary of State, but Time magazine's Man Of The Year. I'm simply on fire/with desire for John Foster Dulles." I remembered the song because I, too, had found myself all fired up, not over John Foster Dulles, but over Andy Rooney. Here are a couple of samples of what he sent: "Have you noticed that they put advertisements in with your bills now? Well, I didn't exactly dance with him but I was at a charity ball, and in an accidental partner switch, his wife ended up with my date, and I ended up with Jimmy. I asked Andy Rooney if it was okay to use the alleged Andy Rooneyisms in my column.

You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy. Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.He filed a law suit against his eighth wife Jan Chamberlin and step-son Chris Aber in 2013 alleging they withheld money, food and medicine.He won a £1.8million settlement yet died with barely £12,000 in the bank."Mickey Rooney was an incredibly talented entertainer but an appalling human being," says Birnes."He was loved by so many people but ultimately could love only himself."• To pre-order Life And Times Of Mickey Rooney by William J Birnes and Richard A Lertzman (published by Simon & Schuster, £20 on October 22) please call the Express Bookshop on 01872 562 310 with your credit/debit card.or those of you sick of the negativity on television news shows, and wish we still had Andy Rooney's humor on 60 Minutes, maybe you'd like to know what he was really like off-camera. I didn't even care if his eyebrows entered a room five minutes before the rest of him. I'd had phone calls at home from ageless hunks like Michael Douglas and Bob Barker, but nothing prepared me for a call from Andy Rooney. There are those who may think that "I love you" are the best words to hear, but I maintain that the best words legitimately came from the mouth of Andy Rooney himself, when he growled, "Go ahead and use 'em." I choose to think the gruff-but-kindly way he spoke those closing words was really his version of affection.First though, you have to hear about Carol Burnett and John Foster Dulles. Never mind that he was returning my call, I'm counting it anyway. A reader of my column had emailed me several Andy Rooney jokes he got from the internet which he thought I'd like to use for a story. And the fact that he didn't say "goodbye," but grunted instead, well, I call that a real turn-on.

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