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Well we all know that the new Udyr skin is awesome but has some terrible animations and that could be easily fix with new animations but it would also take away some of the magic that makes playing Dfn Udyr soo fun to play.

It’s agnostic when it comes to animation, and its scope ends at sending and updating animator parameters.

In most cases you’ll need an Animation Controller to setup your animations.

The asset includes a bunch of these, I’d recommend using the Koala one as a starting point for yours as it includes most animation parameters, so you won’t have to enter them all again.

The ultimate skin doesn't have any theme or special features other than the leveling changes.

I cant believe Riot didn't consider Udyr for that update poll. They even said Pantheon was the LAST of the pizza feet champions. In Riot's defense, most pizza slices aren't rectangular.

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