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It is unknown where this was made, but I feel it was probably from New England or New York. It’s very possible that different people created their own blocks.I am surmising this because of the different styles in stitching demonstrated here and the different stylized design elements.During this time, and into the first quarter of the 19th century, many American colonists were making whole cloth quilts by sewing together repeat lengths of the same fabric, thus giving the illusion of one “whole cloth”.Many of the colonists used homespun, others used rare and expensive imported Chintz fabrics.Vegetable dyes were made from flowers, herbs, bark, and roots.As the 19th century progressed, advances in aniline dye manufacturing processes expanded the color palettes available, and beautifully pieced and appliqued quilts continued to be made, using the extra fabric choices available.The embroidery embellishment surrounding the piece is also beautiful.

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The vegetable dyes available in the 18th and 19th century limited the colors available, but those same rich, deep tones are just the ones many are seeking today.

This amazing piece of textile art was created around 1885 and is called a mourning quilt.

A mourning quilt was literally made to grieve over the loss of a loved one.

Completely hand sewn and hand appliquéd, this quilt was made before the sewing machine was in public use.

Showing 30 indigo and white pieced Bayleaf blocks, on point, the work has been executed with minuscule stitches.

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