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Another 2009 law sets a minimum fine for texting & driving. Johnson) House Bill 1182: Would make use of a handheld cell phone in an active school zone subject to primary enforcement. The plan would have allowed police to stop and cite violators (primary enforcement) and came with fines from to 0. Jana Della Rosa said she voted against the cell phone bill because, “I can tell you the folks in my district would not look kindly upon saying you’re not allowed to communicate with anyone when you’re in your car anymore.” The legislation would have allowed hands-free operation of cell phones, however. First-time violators get a warning; fines thereafter. Revived again (March 16) but died April 27 as the Transportation Committee adjourned. Fred Allen, D-Little Rock, introduced the bill in the House after failing to get approval for his similar HB 1049. Fred Allen, D-Little Rock, later noted that the bill called for secondary enforcement, so drivers stuck in a school pickup line would have to commit another offense in order to be cited.

Fines for texting & driving were increased to 0 and then 0 under legislation approved by the General Assembly in 2017. Will Bond’s SB 347 also modernized the existing texting law’s language to include social media use. 2014 distracted driving news The first meeting of the Central Arkansas Operation Impact Traffic Enforcement Group resulted in a late September crackdown on texting and driving. (Taylor) House Bill 1049: Would prohibit drivers from using handheld cell phones in school zones while children are present. Rejected by the House in a tight 46-47 vote on Jan. (Allen) 2011 distracted driving notes: SB 154’s sponsor was Sen. Just before the House rejected the HB 1049 plan to outlaw handheld cell phone use in school zones, opponents argued that the ban would inconvenience parents. Police are “not going to pull you over just for talking on your cell phone,” Allen told reporters. Allen says HB 1049 is “really a prevention bill.” (Allen co-sponsored HB 1013, below). Taylor said he was puzzled by the House’s rejection of Allen’s school zone plan. 25, 2010, that he knew going in that the draft legislation wouldn’t succeed, but he wanted to raise the issue. The city of Rogers already bans cell phones and text messaging in its school zones, with primary enforcement. Ray Kidd, D-Jonesboro, bans text messaging by all drivers.

In New Jersey and Rhode Island, incest between consenting adults (16 or over for Rhode Island, 18 or over for New Jersey) is not a criminal offense, though marriage is not allowed in either state.

New Jersey also increases the severity of underage sex offenses by a degree if they are also incestuous, and criminalizes incest with 16-17 year olds (the normal age of consent in New Jersey is 16).

Arkansas State Police started tracking cell phone roles in accidents in 2007.

), incest is criminalized between consenting adults.

Arkansas has no restrictions on most cell phone calling by adult drivers, but it regulates their use by drivers under the age of 21. Approved by the Transportation, Technology and Legislative Affairs Committee on March 25. About 200 crashes were linked to distracted drivers. Passed by the Senate and the House, and signed into law by the Arkansas governor (as Act 247). Allen Kerr, R-Little Rock, would prohibit wireless telephone use by drivers under the age of 18. The teenage driving bill was approved in the House, the Senate Transportation Committee, the full Arkansas Senate and signed into law by the governor (as Act 197) SB 31, also from Sen.

A law prohibiting use of handheld cell phones in school zones and highway work zones took effect Oct. Current prohibitions: Distracted driving legislation (2019) SB 534: Would make minor adjustments to texting & driving law to align with federal guidelines. 2011 legislation Senate Bill 154 (Act 37): Would outlaw use of handheld cell phones by drivers who are in a school zone or are passing by school buildings during school hours when children are present (outside). Under the proposed law, drivers 18 to 20 years old must use hands-free accessories when making calls and cannot engage in “interactive communication” via electronic devices (text messaging and typing). Hendren, would require drivers to use hands-free accessories while using cell phones. Cell phone, text messaging legislation notes (pre-2010): The number of tickets written under the new texting while driving ban appears to be relatively small, according to Arkansas media reports.

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“We’re trying to bring to light how dangerous this conduct is,” Bond says. The Central Arkansas Operation Impact Traffic Enforcement Group said in mid-September 2014: “All we are asking is that the motoring public be mindful of their driving, and if they have to answer or make that cell phone call or make or respond to that text message then pull over to the side of the road or in a parking lot.” 2013 distracted driving news Distracted driving led to 17 deaths in Arkansas in 2012, officials say. Latest action: Signed into law by the governor on Feb. Drivers 18-21 may use cell phones with hands-free devices.

It means police can stop and cite when seeing a violation. Teen restrictions on all handheld electronics to remain. David Fielding went down to defeat in an 11-7 vote.

“We don’t want to add more laws, but the main thing is we are supposed to be doing is public safety — and this is a measure to keep all of our children more safe,” Fite told KNWA in late January. Rejected by the House Transportation Committee in an 11-7 vote of Feb. (Fielding) 2015 distracted driving news A bid to stop handheld communications device use by all drivers in Arkansas fell short in a House Committee on Feb. Legislators voiced concerns about constituent anger over limiting cell phone use and “personal rights.” The bill might be revived, supporters said after the vote. Recommended by the Senate Transportation Committee but rejected by the full Senate.

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Industries Board) 61.3.15 Chemical Engineering Division (National Defense Research Committee) 227.5.3 Chemical Engineering Research Division (Chemistry and Soils) 97.3.3 chemical laboratories Chemistry and Soils Bureau 97.3 engineering plans 70.2.2 Chemical Laboratory (Harvard) 227.10.2 Chemical Operations Division (MAC Vietnam) 472.3.5 Chemical Plant No. 56.15.3, 79.12.2 Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Fund, Joint Committee on the 351.3 Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Parkway 79.6.6 Chesapeake and Ohio Transportation Company 79.12.2 Chesapeake Bay defense commands 338.2.1 maps and charts Army Engineers 77.10.4 drainage basins 187.5.2 photographs area geological formations 57.2.2 fisheries 22.4.4 research stations 22.4.3 siltation studies 114.4.4 Chesapeake Bay, Coast Defenses of the 392.3 Chesapeake Division (Army Engineers) 77.9.3 Chester, MD 41.5 Chester, PA customs collection 36.3.1 slum conditions (photographs) 3.5 Chester River 77.10.4 Chester, SC 393.4, 393.7, 393.12 Chetoo, China German consulate 242.4.2 Cheyenne (Coast Guard cutter) 26.6.2 Cheyenne and Arapaho Indian Agency Cheyenne and Arapaho School Cheyenne Indians photographs , 75.29 Cheyenne River Indian Agency Cheyenne River Sioux Indians 75.16.1 Cheyenne Wells, CO, conservation experiment station 114.4.2 Cheyenne Wells, CO, project office (Soil Conservation Service) 114.14.1 Cheyenne, WY rent control 252.4.7, 252.4.8 Cheyenne, WY, District Office (Price Administration) 188.17.3, 188.17.6, 188.17.7 Cheyenne, WY, Division Office (Public Roads) 30.5 Cheyenne, WY, internal revenue collection district 58.5.50 Cheyenne, WY, land office 49.9.27 Cheyenne, WY, office (Price Stabilization) 295.3 Cheyenne, WY, seat (District, Circuit Courts) 21.53.2 Chiang Kai-shek 338.4.5 U. 198.3 children Children's Bureau 102 DC school population 51.10.1 displaced persons 466.3.2 Indian enrollment, censuses 75.7.5, , , , , , International Year of the Child Commission 2 Social Security photographs 47.4.2 strength study (motion picture) 167.10 war orphans 278.2.3 Children, 1970 White House Conference on 220.23.3 Children and Youth, 1970 White House Conference on 220.23 Children and Youth, Golden Anniversary White House Conference on 220.22 Children and Youth, Midcentury White House Conference on 220.21 Children and Youth, Subcommittee on (Senate) 46.16 Children, Family, Drugs, and Alcoholism, Subcommittee on (Senate) 46.16 Children in a Democracy, White House Conference on 220.22.1 Children, National Commission on 220.19 Children's Activities Division (White House Conference on Children and Youth) 220.23.3 Children's Bureau photographs 47.3.2 Sugarman files 235.3.2 Children's Bureau, Records of the (RG 102) administrative history 102.1 motion pictures 102.3 records 102.2 still pictures 102.4 children's camps 145.2 Children's Fund (American Relief Administration) 167.7 Children's Guardians, Board of (DC Government) 351.6 Children's Theater 69.5.4 Childs Glacier 22.4.1 Chile agriculture (photographs) 83.10 Argentina boundary arbitration 76.5 claims 76.4 livestock, crop distribution (maps) 83.4.10 Spanish armistice 76.5 telephone, telegraph communications 259.3 U. 319.20.3 Clinical Center (National Institutes of Health) 443.3.4 Clinical Director (National Institutes of Health) 443.3.4 Clinical Research Centers, Committee on (National Institutes of Health) 443.3.1 Clinical Research Committee (National Institutes of Health) 443.3.4 Clinical Sciences, Laboratory of 511.2.1 Clinical Trials Committee (National Cancer Institute) 443.4 clothing Army convalescent camps 393.13.2 Confederate organizations hospitals 109.8.1 Medical Purveyor 109.8.3 mobile units 109.9.4 Quartermaster 109.7.3 Treasury claims 365.2.3 consumer costs study 176.4.2 Indian schools Indians 75.29 Marine Corps 127.6.1, 127.6.2 military procurement 334.22 climate maps 92.4.5 militia 168.2 Quartermaster General 92.4.3, 92.4.4 Naval Asylum 71.2.3 prison reports 209.2 World War II price controls 188.6.7, 188.8.6 production 179.2.8 clothing and bath units American Expeditionary Forces 120.9.4 Regular Army 391.6.3 Clothing and Equipage Branch (Quartermaster General) 92.4.3 Clothing and Textile Material Division (Quartermaster General) 92.4.6 Clothing Department 360.2.4 Clothing, Equipage, and Subsistence, Office of (Munitions Board) 330.13.3 Clothing Establishment (Quartermaster General) 92.15.3 clothing industry garment workers (motion picture) 86.3 Price Administration 188.5.4 wage rates 155.3.2 Cloture Rule 46.19 cloud chambers 326.5.7 cloud formations (photographs) 37.4.1 Clover (Coast Guard cutter) 26.6.12 Clover Mountain, NV, Unit (Land Management Bureau) 49.14.5 Clovis, NM, area office (Soil Conservation Service) 1 Coal and Coke Statistics Division (Bureau of Mines) 70.4.2 Coal Commission, Records of the United States (RG 68) administrative history 68.1 cartographic records 68.4 divisions 68.3 general records 68.2 Coal Creek, AK, Mine 80.8.3 Coal Division (Bureau of Mines) 70.4.1 Coal for Victory (motion picture) 223.3 coal gasification 70.2.2, 70.6 coal industry abandoned mines 70.7 Alaska fields 95.2.1 maps 126.2 Navy commission 80.2.1, 80.8.3 Bituminous Coal Consumers' Counsel 223 Bituminous Coal Division 222 census records 29.2.3 coal resources Cunningham claims 57.8 distribution 70.4.1 land classification 57.7.1, 57.7.4 maps 49.13.1, 49.16, 57.4.1, 57.7.1, , 150.4, 187.5.2, 222.9 defense plants 234.5.2 engineering 70.4.1 Fuel Administration 67.2, 67.3.7, 67.4 ICC investigation 134.2 Indian lands 75.7.3, 75.16.4, , labor relations 70.4.1, 150.3 strikes 48.10, 68.3.1, 70.4.2, 89.2, 89.3 maps Great Lakes shipments 219.8 railroads 133.2 transportation facilities 142.6.5 mine safety accident schedules 70.2.2, 70.4.2 fatalities 70.4.2 inspection 70.13, 245.4.1 mineral land entries 49.9.6, 49.9.27 National Bituminous Coal Commission 150 photographs 19.4.1, 67.7, 2, 245.6 price controls 188.8.8 production 68.3.2, 70.4.1, 70.11.3 maps 70.2.2, 70.4.1, 222.9 research (motion picture) 434.5 Ruhr conference 43.10.6 seizures 245.2, 245.5 Solid Fuels Administration for War 245 supply and marketing 68.3.3, 70.4.1, 89.2, 89.3 transportation 67.3.7, 245.3.4 war reconversion 250.4.2 Coal Industry Decontrol Agreements 432.2.2 Coal Industry, President's Commission on the 2 coal miners employment 70.2.2, 70.4.2 interviews 2 photographs 220.18.5 safety 70.2.2, 70.4.2 strikes 67.6 travel time committee 220.5.10 wages 68.3.1 Coal Mines Administration--Navy 245.2, 245.6 Coal Mines Administrations 245.4.2, 245.4.4, 245.5 Coal Mines Operations unit (Solid Fuels Administration for War) 245.2 coal-mining communities Coal Commission (maps) 68.2.1, 68.2.2, 68.3.1 living conditions investigation 68.3.1 photographs 67.7, 2 health survey 245.6 Presidential commission 2 Coal Production, Committee on (Council for National Defense) 62.10.5 Coal Rationing Branch (Price Administration) 188.9.6 Coal Section (National Recovery Administration) 9.4.2 Coal Section (Special Representative in Europe) 469.2.2, 469.3.2 Coal Shortages, Subcommittee on Oil and (Senate) 46.9 Coal Surveys, U. 49.13.1 Coal Tar Section, Heavy Chemicals and (Price Administration) 188.8.9 Coal Zone License Section (Fuel Administration) 67.4.1 coaling operations (photographs) 19.4.1 coaling stations 19.5, 38.4.3, 71.6, 80.7.3 Coalton, WV 67.7 Coard, Bernard 242.24 Coarse Grains Department (Grain Corporation) 5.2.3 Coarse Grains Division (Food Administration) 4.2.2 Coast and Geodetic Survey Commerce Department pesonnel records 40.3.7 DC maps 351.4 Hydrographic Office correspondence 37.3 meteorological observations 27.3 northwest boundary 76.2.3 Coast and Geodetic Survey, Records of the (RG 23) administrative history 23.1 cartographic records 23.6 central office organizations 23.3 field activities 23.5 general records 23.2 Library and Archives, Technical Services Division 23.4 still pictures 23.7 Coast Artillery Board 177.2.3 Coast Artillery, Chief of 177.2 Coast Artillery Corps 156.10.1, 391.2.5 Coast Artillery Corps Section (Army Ground Forces) 337.6.2 Coast Artillery School 177.2.2, 338.2.3 Coast Artillery Training Center 177.2.2 Coast Artillery units 391.2.3, 391.2.5 Coast Artillery War Instruction 177.2.5 Coast Defense Command 391.2.5 Coast Defenses, Committee on (Senate) 46.5 Coast Division (Army) 393.8 Coast Guard Academy, U. 26.7, 26.10 Coast Guard Auxiliary 26.6.8 Coast Guard, Records of the United States (RG 26) administrative history 26.1 cartographic records 26.8 Coast Guard Academy 26.7 Coast Guard districts 26.6 Lifesaving Service 26.4 Lighthouses Bureau 26.2 motion pictures 26.9 records 26.5 Revenue Cutter Service 26.3 sound recordings 26.10 still pictures 26.11 Coast Guard, U. District of Columbia maps 42.2.3 equal employment opportunity 220.7.8 Marine Inspection and Navigation Bureau functions 41.6.1 motion pictures 178.12 training films 18.11 officers (photographs) 38.8 recruiting posters 24.12 Coast Signal Service 24.2.4 Coast Survey (Treasury Department) 23.2.1, 23.2.2 Coast Survey, Board on the Reorganization of the 23.2.2 coastal areas SEE ALSO beaches Alaska shore space reserves 49.2.2 Hassler survey report 167.2.2 intracoastal navigation maps and charts Alaska 76.2.9 Army Engineers 77.10.4, , Coast and Geodetic Survey 23.3.6 Coast Guard charts 26.6.3 Defense Mapping Agency 456.2 hydrographic charts 37.4.3 Louisiana 49.16 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 370.11 naval intelligence reports 38.4.3 naval operating forces 313.4.4 World War II German targets 242.9.4 shipwrecks 23.6 photographs 37.4.1 piers, jetties 77.2.3, salt marsh study (motion picture) 40.7.4 coastal defenses Army districts 392 Army Engineers districts 77.10.8, , , , architectural, engineering plans Coast Artillery School 177.2.2 Columbia River, Puget Sound 394.2.9 Great Britain 178.12 maps 77.2.5 photographs 38.4.16, 77.2.5, 77.3.1, 77.22, 92.7.1 seacoast armament 156.9.2 War Department General Staff 165.6.5 Coastal Information Section (Naval Intelligence) 38.4.6 Coastal Plains Regional Commission 40.7.4, 414.8 Coated Fabrics Section (Price Administration) 188.8.9 Coates, Clarence N. 13.6 The Columbia (motion picture) 305.3, 305.4 Columbia Barracks, Cuba 395.11.5 Columbia Basin Interagency Committee 57.10.3 Columbia Basin/Pacific Northwest Interagency Committee 315.2.3 Columbia Basin Study 187.5.9 Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) Haig confirmation hearings 64.15 Hoover interview 264.2.1 migrant workers program 174.6 Vietnam program 64.14 Westmoreland suit 472.1 World War II broadcast monitoring 216.2.3 Columbia, Coast Defenses of the 392.3 Columbia, Department of the (Army) 393.2, 393.4 Columbia Gorge Conservation Study 187.5.9 Columbia Hospital for Women 48.4.6 Columbia Institution for the Deaf and Dumb 48.4.6, 48.16 Columbia Iron Works 156.2.2 Columbia Island, DC 79.6.6 Columbia, KY, U. Forces 393.5, 393.11.1 Columbia, MO Army commands 393.4, 393.12 Columbia, MO, office (Soil Conservation Service) 114.12.5 Columbia River defenses , 392.3, 394.2.9 documentary films 115.8, 305.3 fisheries 22.15.6 Indian fishing rights Indians on public lands maps and charts 76.4, photographs Columbia River Basin maps Forest Service 95.5.3 industrial survey 48.13 irrigation 83.6.1 Reclamation Bureau 115.2 park development 79.6.5 Columbia River Basin Project 115.2, 115.4.2 Columbia River Board Columbia River Development Program 22.13.1 Columbia River District (Army) 393.5 Columbia River Engineering Board 115.4.3 Columbia River Group (Pacific Reserve Fleet) 1 Columbia River Treaty 305.1 Columbia, SC Army commands 393.7 Columbia, SC, area office (Soil Conservation Service) 1 Columbia, SC, Board of Civil Service Examiners 146.5.4 Columbia, SC, District Office (Price Administration) 188.14.1, 188.14.3, 188.14.6, 188.14.7 Columbia, SC, Division Office (Federal Highway Administration) 406.3 Columbia, SC, Division Office (Public Roads) 30.5 Columbia, SC, internal revenue collection district 58.5.40 Columbia, SC, office (Price Stabilization) 295.3 Columbia, SD 22.15.3 Columbia, TN Army commands 393.4, 393.11.1 Columbia, TN, Arsenal 156.9.6 Columbia, TN, Division (District Court) 21.45.3 Columbia University Atomic Energy Commission contracts 326.5.2 aviation schools 18.9.2 judicial procedure studies 220.9.12 underwater laboratory 227.5.3 Venereal Disease Project (sound recordings) 90.3.5 Columbian Exposition SEE World's Columbian Exposition Columbian Museum (Chicago) 43.13.4 Columbus, District of (Army) 393.5 Columbus, GA Army commands 393.7 Confederate hospitals 109.8.4 map 177.5 Columbus, GA, District of (Army) 393.4 Columbus, GA, Division (Circuit Court) 21.12.2 Columbus, GA, Division (District Court) 21.12.1, 21.12.5 Columbus, GA, field office (Confederate Treasury) 365.4.3 Columbus, IN, internal revenue collection district 58.5.14 Columbus, KY Army commands 393.4, 393.7 Civil War defenses Columbus Machine Co. 419.1 comets 37.4.2 "Coming of Age: Towards a National Retirement Income System" 2 Comite International Technique d'Experts Juridiques Aeriens Command and Control Division (MAC Vietnam) 472.3.5 Command and General Staff School 165.5.1 Command and General Staff School (Army Forces, China) 332.3.3 Command Center Element (MAC Vietnam) 472.3.4 Command Historian (Army Intelligence Center) 319.2.1; (Army Vietnam) 472.5.12; (Defense Attache Saigon) 472.9.1; (MAC Vietnam) 472.3.17 Command Information Division (Army Staff) 319.4.5; (Army Vietnam) 472.5.14; (MAC Vietnam) 472.3.18 Command Installation Branch (Army Service Forces) 160.3.2 "Command Performances" (radio program) 330.7.4 Command Surgeon, Office of the (MAC Vietnam) 472.3.21 Commandant, Corps of Cadets (Military Academy) 404.4 Commandant of Midshipmen (Naval Academy) 405.3 Commandant, Office of the (Marine Corps) 127.2 commandants (Marine Corps) portraits 127.12 Commander 1st Carrier Task Force 313.5.3 Commander 2d Carrier Task Force 313.5.2 Commander 2d Fleet 313.5.4 Commander 7th Fleet 313.5.5 Commander 11th Amphibious Force 313.5.2 Commander Aircraft, Base Force 313.4.5 Commander Aircraft, Battle Force 313.4.3 Commander Aircraft, Scouting Force 313.4.4 Commander Aircraft Squadron, Asiatic Fleet 313.4.6 Commander All Forces, Aruba, Curacao 313.5.8 Commander Amphibious Bases United Kingdom 313.5.6 Commander Amphibious Force, Atlantic Fleet 313.5.2 Commander Amphibious Force, Pacific Fleet 313.5.3 Commander Amphibious Forces Southern Pacific 313.5.3 Commander Amphibious Squadron 10 313.5.2 Commander Amphibious Training Command, Atlantic Fleet 313.5.2 Commander Amphibious Training Command, Pacific Fleet 313.5.3 Commander Antisubmarine Defense Force, Atlantic Fleet 313.5.2 Commander Base Force (Naval Forces) 313.4.5 Commander Battle Force (Naval Forces) 313.4.2 Commander Battleship Cruiser Force, Atlantic Fleet 313.5.2 Commander Battleship Cruiser Force, Pacific Fleet 313.5.3 Commander Battleship Division 1 313.5.3 Commander Battleship Division 2 313.5.2 Commander Battleship Squadron 1 313.5.8 Commander Battleships, Battle Force 313.4.2 Commander Blimp Headquarters Squadron 2 313.5.8 Commander Blockading and Escort Force, Pacific Fleet 313.5.3 Commander Carrier Division 2 313.4.3 Commander Communication Mobile Target Division One 313.4.2 Commander Cruiser and Transport Force 313.3.1 Commander Cruiser Destroyer Force, Atlantic Fleet 313.5.2 Commander Cruiser Destroyer Force, Pacific Fleet 313.5.3 Commander Cruiser Division 313.5.8 Commander Cruiser Force, Atlantic Fleet 313.5.2 Commander Cruisers, Battle Force 313.4.2 Commander Cruisers, Scouting Force 313.4.4 Commander Destroyer Flotilla West Flotilla 313.5.3 Commander Destroyer Force, Atlantic Fleet 313.5.2 Commander Destroyer Force, Pacific Fleet 313.5.3 Commander Destroyers, Battle Force 313.4.2 Commander Escort Carrier Force Pacific 313.5.3 Commander Escort Minesweeping Group 313.5.2 Commander Fleet Air Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean 313.5.2 Commander Fleet Air Hawaii 313.5.3 Commander Fleet Air Japan 313.5.3 Commander Fleet Air Norfolk, VA 313.5.2 Commander Fleet Air Pacific Fleet 313.5.3 Commander Fleet Air Quonset Point, RI 313.5.2 Commander Fleet Air West Coast 313.5.7 Commander Fleet Air Wing 4 313.5.7 Commander Fleet Air Wing 5 313.5.7 Commander Fleet Air Wing 7 313.5.2 Commander Fleet Air Wing 12 313.5.2 Commander Fleet Air Wing 14 313.5.7 Commander Fleet Aircraft Southern Pacific 313.5.3 Commander Fleet Training Group Western Pacific 313.5.8 Commander Formosa Patrol Force 313.5.3 Commander in Chief (Allied Force HQ) 331.2.1; (Allied Naval Expeditionary Force) 331.3.5; (American Expeditionary Forces) 120.2.1 Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet 313.5.2 Commander in Chief Mediterranean (Allied Force HQ) 331.27 Commander in Chief, Naval Forces on North Atlantic Station 313.2.4 Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet 313.5.3 Commander in Chief Pacific Ocean Areas 313.5.3 Commander in Chief, U. Fleet 38.2.3, 313.4.1, 313.5.1 Commander in Chief, U. Naval Forces Europe 313.5.6 Commander Islands 22.3.3 Commander Marshalls/Gilberts Area (Naval Forces) 313.6.9 Commander Mideast Force 313.5.2 Commander Mine Division 3 313.5.3 Commander Mine Division 11 313.5.3 Commander Mine Division 50 313.5.2 Commander Mine Division 82 313.5.2 Commander Mine Force, Atlantic Fleet 313.5.2 Commander Mine Force, Pacific Fleet 313.5.3 Commander Mine Squadron 2 313.5.8 Commander Mine Squadron 3 313.5.3 Commander Mine Squadron 8 313.5.2 Commander Mine Squadron 20 313.5.2 Commander Minecraft, Battle Force 313.4.2 Commander Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 1 313.5.3 Commander Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron, 7th Fleet 313.5.5 Commander Motor Torpedo Boat Squadrons, Pacific Fleet 313.5.3 Commander Naval Air Force, Atlantic Fleet 313.5.2 Commander Naval Air Force, Pacific Fleet 313.5.3 Commander Naval Air Transport Service Command Ferry Wing 313.5.2 Commander Naval Forces Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean 313.5.2 Commander Naval Forces Europe 38.2.4, 313.5.6 Commander Naval Forces Far East 313.5.3 Commander Naval Forces Germany 313.5.6 Commander Naval Forces Japan 313.5.3 Commander Naval Forces Kyushu 313.5.3 Commander Naval Forces Marianas 313.5.3 Commander Naval Forces Mediterranean 313.5.2 Commander Naval Forces Northwest African Waters 38.2.4, 313.5.2 Commander Naval Forces Philippines 313.5.3 Commander Naval Forces Ryukyu Islands 313.5.3 Commander Operational Development Force, Atlantic Fleet 313.5.2 Commander Patrol Wing (Naval Forces) 313.4.3 Commander Scouting Force 313.4.4 Commander Scouting Squadron 6 (Naval Forces) 313.4.4 Commander Service Force, 7th Fleet 313.5.5 Commander Service Force, Atlantic Fleet 313.5.2 Commander Service Force, Pacific Fleet 313.5.3 Commander Service Squadron 1 313.5.3 Commander Service Squadron Southern Pacific 313.5.3 Commander Southeast Pacific (Naval Forces) 313.5.8 Commander Southwest Pacific (Naval Forces) 313.5.3 Commander Submarine Division 61 313.5.2 Commander Submarine Flotilla 1 313.5.3 Commander Submarine Force, Atlantic Fleet 313.5.2 Commander Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet 313.5.3 Commander Submarine Squadron 3 313.5.8 Commander Submarine Squadron 6 313.5.2 Commander Submarine Squadron 7 313.5.3 Commander Submarine Squadron 10 313.5.2 Commander Submarines, Scouting Force 313.4.4 Commander Submarines Southwest Pacific 313.5.3 Commander Taiwan Patrol Force 313.5.3 Commander Task Force 24 313.5.8 Commander Task Force 71 313.5.3 Commander Task Force 127 313.5.6 Commander Task Group 80.1, 313.5.2 Commander Torpedo Flotilla 313.3.1 Commander Training Command, Atlantic Fleet 313.5.2 Commander Training Command, Pacific Fleet 313.5.3 Commander Transport Squadron 12 313.5.8 Commander U. Ports and Bases Germany 313.5.6 Commanding General (Army) 108.2.1, 159.3; (Army Air Forces) 18.6.1, 18.7; (Headquarters Army Service Forces) 160.2, 160.3; (Mediterranean Theater) 338.3.2 Commanding General 1st Marine Air Wing 313.5.3 Commanding General 1st Marine Division 313.5.3 Commanding General Air Fleet Marine Force Pacific 313.5.3 Commanding General Fleet Marine Force Pacific 313.5.3 commemorative coins and medals 104.3.4 Commencement (motion picture) 220.10.2 commerce SEE business and commerce Commerce and Industry Association of New York 171.4.8 Commerce and Industry Group (Bipartite Control Office) 260.9.4 Commerce and Labor, Department of administrative history 40.2 general records 174.2 Commerce and Labor, Secretary of Steamboat Inspection Service correspondence 41.2.1 Commerce and Manufactures, Committee on (House of Representatives) 233.9 Commerce and Manufactures, Committee on (Senate) 46.9 Commerce Branch (Management and Budget Office) 51.9.13 Commerce Clearing House, Inc. 220.5.7, 220.7.3, 227.5.1 Comptroller SEE First Comptroller; Second Comptroller Comptroller (Allied Military Government) 331.33.4; (Civil Defense Office) 397.2.2; (Confederate Treasury) 365.2.3; (Defense Secretary's Office) 330.4; (Deputy Chief of Air Staff) 341.8; (General Services Administration) 269.11.4; (Smaller War Plants Corporation) 240.3.6; (Supreme Commander Allied Powers) 331.37.4 Comptroller, Confederate 109.10.5, 109.10.6 Comptroller Department (Ryukyu Islands Administration) 260.12.3 Comptroller Directorate (MAC Vietnam) 472.4.2 Comptroller Division (Supreme Commander Allied Powers) 331.46.4 Comptroller General Army Finance Chief reports 203.2 office records 411.2 Comptroller General (Provisional Government of Cuba) 199.2 Comptroller of International Accounts (President's foreign trade adviser) 20.3.2 Comptroller of the Army 156.7.3, 156.7.4, 319.7 Comptroller of the Currency, Records of the Office of the (RG 101) administrative history 101.1 Examining Division 101.4 Federal Reserve Issue and Redemption Division 101.6 Insolvent National Banks, Division of 101.5 Issue, Division of 101.3 Organization Division 101.2 Comptroller of the Treasury Continental, Confederation Congresses 360.2.3 Judge Advocate General (Navy) 125.2.5 public debt correspondence 53.2.4, 53.4.1 Comptroller, Office of the (MAC Vietnam) 472.3.15 Comptroller, Office of the (Railroad Administration) 14.7 Comptroller, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff (Army Vietnam) 472.5.5 comptrollers 56.2.2 Comptroller's Office (Agricultural Adjustment Administration) 136.5.2 computers Army tabulating machine use 160.3.3 data processing machines (photographs) 64.17 federal data processing systems development 352.2, 352.3 National Bureau of Standards records 167.5.11 Computing Branch, Scientific and (Ships) 19.3.2 Computing Center (Tennessee Valley Authority) 142.8 Computing Division (Coast and Geodetic Survey) 23.3.1, 23.3.5 Computing Services Branch (Tennessee Valley Authority) 142.8 Comstock, C. 108.3 Comstock Lode 57.3.1, 104.3.9 "COMZ" lines (maps) 111.8 Con Son, Vietnam, LORAN Station 26.6.11 Conant, James Bryant 220.5.7, 227.2.1, 227.3.1 concentration camps Mauthausen death books 238.3.3 motion pictures 18.11, 238.3.4, 338.7.2 photographs 153.13.1, 338.7.2 postwar Army commands 338.7.2 prisoner transfers 242.4.8 SS economic enterprises 242.3.2 Concentration of Production, Committee on (War Production Board) 211.10 A Concert of Effort (motion picture) 378.4 Concessions Committee (1969 Inaugural Committee) 274.8 Conchas Dam, NM 77.10.2 Concho Demonstration School Concho School Concho, TX 27.4.1 Conciliation Service, U. 174.2, 174.4.1, 280.2 Concord, CA, Naval Weapons Station 1 Concord, NH Army commands 393.4 Concord, NH, District Office (Price Administration) 188.11.3, 188.11.6, 188.11.7 Concord, NH, District Office (Public Roads) 30.5 Concord, NH, Division Office (Federal Highway Administration) 406.3 Concord, NH, Draft Rendezvous (Army) 3 Concord, NH, Office (Solid Fuels Administration for War) 245.4.6 Concordia, KS, land office 49.9.12 Concordia, KS, prisoner of war camp 389.4.9 concrete Army Engineers reports 77.6.7 photographs 75.29 Concrete Ship Section (Shipping Board) 32.4.2 Conditions Interfering with Interstate Commerce between Illinois and Missouri, Select Committee to Investigate (House of Representatives) 233.22.2 Condon, James B. 195.3 Indian schools International Women's Year Commission 220.16.4 Interstate Commerce Commission 134.3 Labor Department 174.3.3 Justice Department 60.3.2, 60.3.3 mint operations 104.7 National Recovery Administration 9.2.4 Naval Personnel Bureau 24.2.1 OWI Director 208.2.1 Post Office Department 28.2.2 Price Administration 188.3.3, 188.3.5, 188.6.5 State Department 59.2.3 Treasury 53.4.1, 56.2.1, 56.2.2, 56.14.7 Wage and Hour and Public Contracts Divisions 155.3.1 War Manpower Commission chairman 211.3 White House Conference on Aging 220.24 White House Office 130.1, 130.2.2 World War I draft 163.2.1 Foreign Policy Commission interviews 2 photographs 75.29 speeches (sound recordings) House records 233.25.2 rent control 252.6 voting lists 69.5.6 Congress, U. SEE ALSO Confederation Congress; Continental Congresses; House of Representatives; legislation files; Senate agency relations, reports Atomic Energy Commission 326.2.3 Children's Bureau 102.2.2 Displaced Persons Commission 278.3.3 Price Administration 188.6.3, 188.8.2 Reconstruction Finance Corporation 234.2.1, 234.2.3 records disposal 64.9 Smaller War Plants Corporation 240.3.4 War Secretary 107.2.3 Washington Monument Society 42.13.1 claims jurisdiction 205.3.2 claims reports 56.5 DC representation 11.2 Presidential inaugurals 274.8, 274.10, 274.13 Presidential messages, reports 130.2.2, 130.3.1 Congressional Activities, Special Assistant for (War Secretary) 107.3.2 Congressional Affairs Division (1989 Inaugural Committee) 274.13 Congressional Affairs, Office of (Cost of Living Council) 432.2.4 Congressional Affairs, Office of (General Services Administration) 269.3 Congressional and Legislative Affairs, Office of (Indian Affairs) Congressional Cemetery 42.2.5 Congressional committees SEE ALSO specific committees correspondence Army Staff 319.3.3 Biomedical Research Panel 2 International Women's Year Commission 220.16.4 Saline Water Directors 380.2 Treasury 56.2.1 General Services Administration liaison 269.3 joint committees 128 Congressional Correspondence Section (Price Administration) 188.3.3 Congressional districts apportionment 29.4.4 housing programs 207.6.1 maps 28.6.2, 29.3.6, 69.5.6 split cities 48.4.1 Congressional elections military balloting, 1944 107.2.9 Congressional hearings ammunition shortages 335.4 Army oversight 335.3.2 Army surveillance of civil demonstrations 319.25.3 Brussels World's Fair continuing education committee 2 cost of living 432.2.9 Council of Economic Advisers 459.2 Cuban, Haitian refugees 2 Defense Manpower Commission 2 foreign military aid 330.6.1 lend-lease photographs 169.3.8 military security 330.5.7 National Council on Marine Resources and Engineering 303 Navy personnel, requirements 80.5.2 nurse training 90.9.4 oil 253.3.1 price controls, food rationing 188.3.3, 188.9.5 rubber 220.5.7 Senate records 46 Three Mile Island accident 2 Transportation Department officials (sound recordings) 398.6 uranium mining and electric power 412.2.2 Watergate investigations 460.3.2 Weather Bureau files 27.6.2 Congressional Information, Office of (Price Administration) 188.3.3 Congressional investigations American Samoa 284.2 carbon black 250.3.11 Federal Communications Commission 173.11 Ordnance Department 156.7.3, 156.7.6 Shipping Board 32.2.9, 32.4.1 War Department activities 165.12.1 World War I housing 3.3.1 Congressional Investigations Division (Army Staff) 319.3.2 Congressional Liaison, Office of (American Revolution Bicentennial Administration) 452.3.3 Congressional Liaison, Office of (White House Conference on Children and Youth) 220.23.5 Congressional Liaison Officer (General Services Administration) 269.3, 269.4 Congressional Operations, Joint Committee on 128.3 Congressional Relations, Director of (Civil Disorders Commission) 220.11.2 Congressional Seed Distribution, Office of (Plant Industry Bureau) 54.3.9 Conifer (Coast Guard cutter) 26.6.4 Conn, Stetson 319.20.1 Connally Act Compliance, Branch of (Geological Survey) 57.7.5, 57.10.2 Connally "Hot Oil" Act (1935) 57.7.5, 232.1 Connantre, France 120.3.4 Connecticut Army Advisory Group 338.11.2 federal courts appeals cases 276.3 attorneys, U. 118.8 district courts 21.8 food administration 4.3 International Women's Year workshops 220.16.2 maps Agriculture Secretary 16.7.1 property surveys 31.2.2 reservoirs military draft records 163.2.6, 163.3, 163.4.1 National Resources Planning Board 187.5.1 photographs American Guide 69.5.5 CCC work 35.3.2 fisheries 22.4.4 housing 207.14 hurricane, flood damage 69.10 naval shipbuilding 80.11 Provost Marshal General's Bureau 110.4 rent control 252.4.1 river, harbor projects surplus real property disposal 121.4.1 taxes internal revenue collection district 58.5.6 territorial claims 360.2.6 wage and hour standards enforcement 155.2.1, 155.3.1 Western lands cession 360.3.4 World War II Fair Employment Practice Committee 228.5.1 manpower 211.23.2 price controls 188.11.2 WPA field records 69.6.1 Connecticut, District of Rhode Island and (Army) 393.4, 393.5 Connecticut River flood control 77.9.4 Connecticut River Basin (maps) 315.2.3 Connecticut State Headquarters (Selective Service) 147.3.4 Connecticut State Loan Office (Treasury Department) 53.3.4 Connecticut, U.

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