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I also writes poems and quotes which you can check on my instagram profile given.I am an ambievert ie: niether completely introvert nor extrovert.He spoke about going to Ellerin's home the night she was killed because he was supposed to be picking her up for a date. He remembers the exact time because of the state of their phones. Kutcher said he decided to go to the house because he realized it was late and called both Ellerin's phone and her friend's phone with no response. He figured she left with her friend because he was late.Since he was trying to take her on a date he said he didn't want to appear "over eager." However, he realized all the lights were on despite the front door being locked, and knocked a couple more times with no reply, figuring maybe she was upset with him.Ashton Kutcher testified for about 40 minutes Wednesday morning in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom in the ongoing trial of the serial killing suspect known as the “Hollywood Ripper,” who is accused of brutally murdering three women, one whom was dating Kutcher when she was killed back in 2001.

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The truth Through a video where both Mila and Ashton were sitting in the car, they sarcastically took it all by joking around. Tell me about them.” They both were shocked and were laughing and cheering up the tabloid to have a good sell remaining this all as a rumor.

In 2011 Ashton declared divorce with Demi and Mila also broke up with early 2012 they both unite in the 69th Golden Globe awards.

She said in an interview that when she saw him from the back, she was like wow what a warm personality, but he turned it was like I know him since forever.

Recently one tabloid published an article saying that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher broke up.

The couple has two kids named Isabelle and Portwood which the tabloid claimed that are going to live with Mila.

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