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'” he’s heard in the clip, casually asking his audience.In the video, now uploaded onto You Tube, he’s jabbing on about Asian masculinity. The context is in regards to the 2002 guide, an embarrassing book if there was ever).After over one-hundred years of emasculation, why, in 2017, are we still having these conversations, many Asian Americans asked?This humiliating narrative has haunted Asian American males for the past century beginning from the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 to Yellow Peril in the late 1800’s (that is, that Asians were a terror to white America).There is a big risk to this though: However, I’m very concerned that the popularity of K-pop/K-drama being linked to more Asian man white female interracial relationship could receive racist backlash.I’m afraid the people that don’t appreciate AMWF relationship may call for K-pop and K-drama to be ban in the US.The tired, trite, troubling stereotypes are nothing new; spewing them out again and again is far from funny. For the 9 million Asian American men who live in this country, it was yet another day where mainstream culture attempted to mitigate our identities.It was throwing salt in the wounds of millions of Asian men like me, whose own self-worth has been shaken throughout the years, thanks to the decades upon decades of this country actively erasing our unique masculinities.

This is even the case for macho, elite athletes, who are far from the stereotype.

I’m also worried if a white girl who is a K-pop fan or have a Asian boyfriend could be a victim of sexual assault or rape just because of that.

So yes, that’s why I worried about if K-pop and K-drama become popular in the US, could there be a racist backlash just because they think it’s causing white girls to date Asian men.

“This is a direct result of racist media portrayals of Asian men as undesirable and hearing statements like, ‘I don’t date Asian men,'” she says.

“The negative images become internalized and start to be believed in by AA men themselves.”Indeed, there has been a strong correlation between emasculating Asian American men and how desirable they are.

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