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HI there, Then you'll need to use another Data Source, such as manually binding the Grid View to a Data Table, but you'll have to manually handle the update process.

Bottom line is: If you use a Sql Data Source, it's machinery it's going to keep in sync with the database.

It has a default constructor and a Get Students method for retrieving data.

The student class: The Access Data Source control represents a connection to an Access database.

NET 2.0's data source and data Web controls make working with data much easier than in previous versions.

The Data Source View class serves as the base class for all data source view classes, which define the capabilities of data source controls.The following code snippet provides the basic syntax of the control: Configuring various data operations on the underlying data depends upon the various properties (property groups) of the data source control.The following table provides the related sets of properties of the Sql Data Source control, which provides the programming interface of the control: The Object Data Source Control enables user-defined classes to associate the output of their methods to data bound controls.NET for accessing data from SQL Server, from ODBC or OLE DB servers, from XML files, and from business objects.Based on type of data, these controls could be divided into two categories: Data source views are objects of the Data Source View class.

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