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The key to learning how to pick up women is to approach women at unsuspecting places: grocery stores, parks, coffee houses, bookstores, libraries etc…you’ll find that there’s a lot less competition and therefore women don’t have their “he’s hitting on me radar” on high security mode. Never make apologies about what you want as a man–ever!

Most men don’t even know this gem of a secret, but “speed dating” has been one of the biggest boons for me in my post-divorced life! Don’t be surprised if she picks you at the end of the night: it’s happened to me quite a few times . Second: Build Trust First Rapport which comes from trust and comfort is one of the biggest unknown secrets to leaning how to pick up women.

The purpose of the time limit close is that since the conversation was interrupted, you’ll still be leaving her with the sense that you’re not needy, that you have a life and that you and her still have something to talk about.

Employ these practices and practice all the time to get this down well.

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Ask her out for a date of course and get her number.For more information on how to attract ladies and to receive a free report called, ” How To Flirt With Women And Have Them Love You For It! Viktor Kurgan is a dating expert specializing in pick up, dating, and relationships.He has worked with the now infamous The Mystery Method as an approach coach. His specialty is online dating and dating for men after 40.Women get hit on a lot from drunk guys or “lovable losers.” While there are more women to approach, it is more difficult to pick them up because of the competition.While bars and clubs are great places to practice your conversation skills and getting over the fear of approach, it should not take more than twenty percent of the total amount of time you spend picking up girls.

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