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An important incorporated town on the Oregon Short Line Railroad in Lincoln county, 22 miles north- west from Grang(M\ A shii)ping' point for the large stock raising country lying' north for 150 miles.

Grieve Belle P, postmaster Grieve Bros Telephone Co, J B Grieve mgr OPAL.

of 6&ok, Office, Store and Bar Fixtnret Soda Fountains, Tables and Chairs Office and Factory: -46 Arapahoe St. .\E\V HAVEN c u D CDS - 3 CO Q I X I H i Weston County Construction Co (L M Calkins, French Glascock) general contractors WESTOni COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY, Fred Horton pres, Mrs W H Coles sec, A M Nichols treas, Anna G Miller librarian Weyer A C. general merchandise Kuhlman Laura, prin school Niobrara Lumber Co, Peter Hanson mgr A'ondra Joseph, blacksmith NO WOOD.

JONES D C, postmaster Jones P^rnost, garage, livery Jones I M. BRAGG ROBERT R, po(nuister Doherty Lee F, notary [tuhlic Dougherty T A.

Ford Authorized Sales and Service FORDSOry TRACTORS NEWCASTLE WYOMING f NEWCASTLE. Cashier THE NEWCASTLE NATIONAL I BANK Capital and Surplus ?

| t The famous Cambria mines are at the very door and i t 700 tons of coal are mined there dailv and shipped f I from Newcastle.

1726869 % \ Gateicay to Osage Oil Fields, biggest yet of all Wyoming oil fields. prop Bon Ton Restaurant Wykota Oil & Refining Co, Robt A Smith sec Wyoming High Gravity Oil Co. plumber WILKIiy SOf^ E E, civil engineer with Bond Engineering Cp Williams Julius Oil Ro fining Co, John J Klotkin sec- treas Wing Chas E. Ry., 9 miles east of Lusk, the county seat and nearest banking point. Postoflice in Washakie county, 65 miles southeast of Warland, the county seat and nearest banking point. furnished rooms Durkee Hardware Co Garage, (ieo A Ross mgr Frederick C F. soft drinks Mc Nichols & ^Blackmer, bakery Michener W P, carpenter Midwest Refining: Co, T M Guinen mgr Mississippi Delta Oil Co. C E Foster Osage Fpton Oil Co, Byron Ciardn^r mgr POINTER E V, postmaster, cigars, confectionery Pointer -r Wesley W R. PEWVER, COLORADO OSHOTO 331 Inland Oil & ilofiniag' Co, R R Thomas su[)t Larvie Clem, ice Lewis Harry, restaurant Lusk Lumber Co, \V A Helmann mgr Mc Clure J M Mrs, boarding house Mc Donald A A. SELL ALL KINDS OF SHEEP AND GOATS ON COMMISSION DENVER. A small town in the northern part of Sheridan coun- ty on the C.

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