Bangladesh dating and marriage

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This event is held a few days before the main wedding ceremony and was traditionally held separately for the bride and the groom.

However nowadays the ceremony is usually combined and held at a marriage hall.

In semi-arranged marriages, the first or second visit may include a formal proposal, since both the man and woman have already agreed to marriage prior - the proposal is more or less a formality.

In love marriages, the man directly proposes to the woman.

Depending on individual family traditions, the bride-to-be may also be presented with an gifts such as jewelry and a variety of gifts.

It is traditional for the groom's sister to decide what type of dressing attire is to be worn, including the style, accents and colour.

Hairstyles may also be chosen by the grooms sister.

Elaborate dance sequences and competitions between the bride and groom's families are also quite common these days.

Traditionally this was considered a "woman's event" as men did not participate in it.

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