Battlefield bad company 2 weapons and gadgets not updating ps3

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Each time this is done you will get 80 experience points but also lose 15 experience points for killing a teammate.

Infinite sprinting Keep jumping in regular intervals while sprinting.

But before the commandos could escape the island, Japan activated Aurora and killed everyone.

During the course of the game, the player unlocks new weapons by finding them during his missions, granting him the ability to equip them from then on at every supply drop.Gadget: M136 Missile Launcher: 18,600 experience points.Swedish-made disposable 84mm anti-tank missile that is well balanced at neutralizing armor and fortified positions.Consequently Army General Braidwood assigns them to a special operation of stopping Aurora.The fairly linear single player campaign puts the player into the shoes of Private Preston Marlowe, sending him off to uncover the mysteries surrounding Aurora in a typical first-person-shooter-fashion.

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