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They posed up a storm on tractors and with farming equipment as they stripped to their underwear.Some of the girls even went topless for the raunchy photographs.Richard Goetz, of the Bavarian Young Farmers' Association, said: "The calendar of this year is supposed to show the real and sexy daily routine of modern agriculture." Over 150 applications were received to appear in the calendar.In the end, six young women with a rural background were selected.

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Relief because I can get undressed in private before working up the courage to join the other crazy nude people, and panic because I do not know the etiquette in German saunas and I could do with someone to copy. He stands on the scales and drops his Speedos in front of everyone.

So trust the Germans to still be wearing shoes in the one place where all other clothes are forbidden. Towel on, bikini in hand, I compose myself, open the door, and face the naked natterers again. I can feel the naked natterers’ eyes on me, so there’s no time to hesitate and look foreign. I end up leaving the room engulfed in a battle with my towel and most definitely naked. Now, if I thought that bit of the naked German sauna was scary, this part was going to be even worse. I find them in a large circular room, with no doors, dividers, screens…just the showers. The room with no boundaries reminds me of scenes in films where men get raped in prison.

The terror begins as soon as you step into the changing room. To the left I see a group of naked, middle-aged men and women having what looks like a good old natter over each others’ bits and bobs. I strip down to my bikini and wrap my towel firmly around me. That’s a typical Bavarian greeting that means “greetings from God” “Hallo! Most of the women natterers are covering their modesty with dressing gowns now. I try not to stare or even look in their direction, instead focussing my sight on some pigeon holes where I can leave my now very redundant bikini. Plus I have to leave my towel outside unless I want it to get completely soaked. This is where people will actually see me properly naked. A man and woman are using the showers, so again, I find a spot as far away from them as possible, and shower fast, as if I’m paying 20 Euro per drip.

This one is tiny, with a row of narrow lockers either side and shoes neatly stored underneath. “This is just too weird” I think, wondering if it’s not too late to chicken out. If I’m going to get naked with the Germans then I will have to do it slowly. ” I say back, trying not to sound nervous – or even worse – foreign. I then find a plastic garden chair to sit on outside the sauna room (not far from the naked natterers, who are still naked and nattering, very quietly of course) where I can close my eyes and try and relax. Us Brits are only used to being naked in front of others for sexual reasons, medical reasons, and for accidental reasons (window cleaners).

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