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He kept talking to me about his boners, and my preference for how he should use his tie (blindfold, or tie me up).

My profile pictures are less that proactive, and my about me is literally just things I like to do. At one point I even wrote "not here to hookup" but that only seemed to stop all conversations, so I removed it.

I could have walked there without a problem, but my date asked if he could pick me up anyway.

I thought this gesture was incredibly sweet as it meant we got to spend more time together.

When a guy is willing to keep his lifeline tucked away for the duration of our date, he’s really signaling to me that I’m worth it. I had my very first experience where I was kissing a guy and he didn’t try for anything more.

As someone who appreciates great communication and explicitly knowing what the other person wants, I prefer a more straight-forward approach. I've been doing the OLD thing on and off for 3 years, more off than on, as of late.I've been on a variety of apps during this time (Ok Cupid, POF, bumble, the league and now tinder) and the only consensus I have in all of my experience is that a large majority of men are very sexually forward as soon as we exchange numbers.To the point where, it's almost as if I'm talking to a different person, how their behavior shifts once we move off the app.I would prefer to meet in person quickly, because I've realized texting chemistry isn't almost there in person, but I've now blocked another guy earlier this evening after giving him my number only 5 hours ago.

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