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Depending on your employment status, here is a list of additional documents that are required for your visa application: Note: If the Marriage Certificate was issued outside the European Union, it must be stamped by the Foreign Office of the issuing country, or its Embassy in the UK.

Parents or a an adult guardian are required to accompany their under-age children at the application center at the Belgian Embassy in London.

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The main requirement is that you must have a UK residence permit valid for at least another three more months beyond the date you plan to leave Belgium / the Schengen Area.

The decision for type of application does not fall within the Embassy’s jurisdiction therefore it is directed to the competent Ministry in Belgium for further consideration.

The processing of such applications takes up to 60 days You can authorize a third person to submit a visa application on your behalf.

Since persons who are issued a Schengen visa from Belgium can travel across all Schengen countries, for nationals of some third countries and stateless persons, “ex-post” information is required. To apply for a Belgium visa your British residency permit must be valid for at least another 90 days.

Although Schengen country visa offices do not take visa applications from non-residents the Belgian implement a more relaxed rule for such applicants.

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