Bensonhurst dating game saturday night live

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— I’m loving Adam and Dana’s goofy performances here.— I liked Julia’s passing mention of having already been with Adam and Dana. STARS: ****½ PINKY RINGERY (host) shops for a pinky ring that’ll go with his style of communication — Simple premise so far, but there are so many laughs from Joe’s miming into the mirror to test out various pinky rings, especially now that his miming is starting to get overly detailed with him acting out an actual conversation. ” Also a great touch in the middle of that, where Kevin asks him what he thinks of the ring and Joe says “Wait, I’m not finished” before continuing the mimed argument.— Kevin’s overall Subliminal Editorial tonight was thankfully an improvement over his surprisingly forgettable last one. — Cajunman’s routine is coming off as funny as always.

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— Nice touch with the meta bit at the end, with Perot explaining he can’t say “Live from New York…” because he’s on tape, so he asks “live boy” Bush to say it.— I love Phil’s ridiculous listed-off types of “accidents” that this company handles.— The black-and-white dramatization with Kevin’s whole “Green, stop harassing me!— Good to see Rock actually in a sketch this week, by the way, after his sullen attitude during the last episode’s goodnights when he wasn’t in any sketches that night.— A lot of laughs from Joe’s various discriminatory interactions with Rock.

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