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ajorner, properly to draw near to day, to dawn ; also, to appoint a day for one.

ad, to ; itldkdre, to judge, from iiidic-^ base q{ index, a judge.

av Ti, against ; and (Trji TTi Kos, putrefying, otjitt-os, rotten, from .

' hidden things ; ' hence, uncanonical books of the Old Testament.

cotistre, coutre, a sacristan who had charge of sacred vestments, from Late L.

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ad, to ; aqiidre, to make equal, from aquiis, equal. Acrostic, a short poem in vhich the initial letters s]-cll a word. anpo-s, pointed, aho first ; and arixos, a row, line, from weak grade of cr T€ix«t»', to go. on\ and gegn, of w hich the primary meaning seems to have been ' direct,' or ' straight.' (X. dx^TJ^j, an agate ; so named from being found near the river Achates (Sicily).

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