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And how do Jewish women feel about being the object of a sexual fetish?

I walked away from “The Rise of the Hot Jewish Girl” infuriated with Noxon’s liberal use of the word “Jewess.” On a second read-through I was surprised to find that he only used the word twice in the whole piece!

That, plus there is the added appeal of defiling a “nice Jewish girl.” But that is not the whole story.

All minority women share the experience of being exoticized.

In our very first post, we explain our reasoning for embracing the word “Jewess,” which had to do with the revolutionary 19th century magazine The American Jewess, edited by Rosa Sonneschein: “the first English-language periodical aimed at American Jewish women, hitting on everything from women's place in the synagogue (we should be able to 'drink directly from the fountain of religion') to whether women should ride bicycles.” We decided to reclaim “Jewess,” despite the reactions of many who found the term to be weird, old-fashioned, or reminiscent of the unflattering JAP stereotype.Is the cultural obsession with Jewish women a testament to our greatness, or a sign of our marginalization? As a person of mixed Jewish and non Jewish "blood", I know that the term "Jewess" in the past was often a negative, but today I see that as a term transforming Jewish women (at least some of them) into liberated sexual people who defy the more recent labeling of the "JAP -- Jewish American Princess" and get a little more "evil" and open minded under the covers as well as out and about, and are willing to role play and break free of other stereotypes.I know of women who use the term not as a perjorative but as a positive, much in the way Homosexuals use "Gay" and other previously detrimental terms, or the way blacks (I'm not so PC as to use the term "people of color", since everyone has a color -- can turn around the N word. To me a jew-ish temptr-ess who seduces me right or wrong, well, is a Jewess!As there is no way to know so far my gender, I confess that I am a Latinamerican old male mestizo. It exists solely in the minds of Jewish bloggers, Jewish journalists, and Jewish writers.With this racial and cultural background, I do not have any pro or con attitude toward Jews but, sorry for being PI, I find Jewesses attractive and desirable more than it would be expect by random. These are the daydreams of a small group of Jews writing stories for other Jews and for an even smaller philo-semitic constituency.

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