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Mahoney knew it wasn’t a phase, but a key part of her sexual identity.

“My first introduction into anything LGBT-wise was my freshman year in high school when someone told me about the [Gay-Straight Alliance] group,” she remembered.

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“Not being well understood by straight or gay people, it’s hard to feel respected or legitimate by the world at large—and that includes gays and lesbians,” he said.“Accordingly, any deviations from the sexual norm, [like] not being straight, are seen as more threatening in males and thus, bisexual men are more openly stigmatized than their female counterparts.“Female sexuality, on the other hand, is still largely viewed as less powerful and as something that only exists [for] a man to be attracted to …Even the terms “gay and lesbian” or “gay rights” or “gay marriage” have devastating effects for bisexual people, Blonder continued.“It may seem like a small turn of phrase, but for someone who feels isolated or alone because of their sexual identity, it can exacerbate those feelings even further,” she said.

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