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There are a number of issues which can occur during the sync of Black Berry contacts, calendars and memos to the PC via the Black Berry Desktop Software.Common Black Berry Desktop Software sync problems include: All of the above problems are known to occur with Black Berry Desktop Software v7.0 and in some cases v7.1.From BBDM software: Black Berry® Desktop Software 2.1.3 supports the Black Berry® Play Book™ tablet, and you can sync your music playlists, pictures, and videos, and import your pictures and videos between your tablet and your computer.This release also supports the following Black Berry® 7 smartphones: Black Berry® Torch™ 9810, Black Berry® Torch™ 9850, Black Berry® Torch™ 9860, Black Berry® Bold™ 9900, and Black Berry® Bold™ 9930. CAUTION - This update (2.0.1) removed the ability to sync with i Tunes. After this update it tells me I have no media card installed so it cannot sync music. It has a Sim card and the option is checked for any media files. Whatever improvements there may be (I did not notice any), loosing music was not OK with me. Yes it shows a media card with space on it in Tools.

I am thrilled that we finally have a decent Black Berry syncing solution on the Mac.

If you cannot download the Desktop software to your Black Berry, for example, you cannot find the disk you received with your welcome pack, you can be download it from the Black Berry Desktop Software download page.

If you continue to have a problem and are unable to download the application from the Black Berry website, it may be a firewall issue or setting on your computer preventing the download.

Therefore, we advise that you downgrade to version 6.1 of the software which is NOT known to cause issues.

For convenience, below we included a link to the Black Berry Desktop Software v6.1 as it is no longer available from Black Berry’s website.

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