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She accepts money in an envelope from Martin via Avery.

Christine provides her first girlfriend experience with Martin.

When her close friend Avery (Kate Lyn Sheil) reveals that she has been working as an escort, she encourages Christine to tag along and introduces her to a friend of one of her clients, who is looking for an escort.

Under the pseudonym "Chelsea Rayne", Christine works as a high-end escort specializing in providing "the girlfriend experience" (GFE), an array of sexual and other associated services intended to make the client feel both sexually and emotionally satisfied. midterm elections and follows Erica Myles (Anna Friel), a finance director of a Republican super PAC, and Anna Garner (Louisa Krause), a GFE provider.

Initially working for Avery's associate Jacqueline (Alexandra Castillo), Christine eventually strikes out on her own, experiencing pitfalls along the way as clients cross boundaries and she discovers corruption at Kirkland & Allen. Under intense pressure to deliver on her fundraising goals, Erica enlists Anna's help in blackmailing a high-powered dark money fundraiser.

The second season features two parallel storylines. In the other storyline, set in New Mexico, it follows Bria Jones (Carmen Ejogo), a former high-end escort who enters the Witness Protection Program with her estranged thirteen-year-old step-daughter (Morgana Davies) to escape an abusive relationship. Law student Christine Reade gets an internship at the law firm of Kirkland & Allen.

He and his veterinarian wife, Sun, have been chased by them before, and barely escaped from a secret underground government facility with their lives.

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Christine is set up with two new clients, Ryan and Michael.Christine talks with her clients about the possibility of leaving Jacqueline.At the office, Christine receives an envelope containing photos of herself that were taken for her escort work, including photos showing her face, which worries her.However, she revives her career as an escort, which threatens Bria's new identity and well-being of her step-daughter and the U. She is introduced to the world of transactional relationships by her classmate Avery, who works as a high-end escort.She is invited by Avery to go out for drinks with one of her clients, Garrett, and his friend Martin.

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