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He appeared in his coffin in Pontiac, Illinois (I think) and drove to Bobby Singer's house.

They later on find Sam (who's with Ruby the demon).

Our innovations have helped provide the energy fundamental to modern life – from the clean, efficient fuels that power today’s transportation to the natural gas that provides light and heat to homes and businesses.

Today, our world faces a dual challenge: meeting growing demand for energy while also reducing environmental impacts, including the risks of climate change. At a research farm nestled in Southern California’s Imperial County, Synthetic Genomics and Exxon Mobil are cultivating acres of energy-rich algae.

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That's why Exxon Mobil scientists and engineers are pioneering new research and pursuing new technologies to reduce emissions while creating more efficient fuels.

We're committed to responsibly meeting the world's energy needs.

Well, the first day I went to the festival I met him and tried his dish because EVERYONE back in the kitchen was talking about it. If you are in Philly, you can catch his flavors at en place ...

That ladder is there for the camera man to either get a top view, or for the lighting guy to mess with the lights.

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