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“People can get very hooked on that,” Albright says.Even if we can overcome our addiction to dating apps, abandoning them in favor of real-life encounters isn’t so easy either.If you’re just dating in a constant churn, there’s no future and no hope on the horizon,” she said.

USC Dornsife’s Julie Albright reveals how this digital technology has far-reaching effects on our health and well-being.

You have to choose and you have to commit to build something.” But by facilitating a “hookup” culture, dating apps have created an environment that’s not conducive to settling down.

Dating has become a sport, Albright argues, rather than a means to build a long-term relationship.

“But people were really opening up and talking about things, maybe for the first time.

It was all about getting to know the inner person, and many people felt like they’d met their soul mate.” The original stigma may have gone as online dating went mainstream with the dawn of the mobile internet era, but Albright, a lecturer in psychology at USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, says everything else has changed, too, as the app economy commodified people and relationships into something far more superficial.

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