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When Bran learns that he's a powerful mage—and that he likely inherited his gifts from his biological parents—he becomes embroiled in a plot to save the endangered Mages Council, only to amass a host of enemies.

is a coming-of-age story about an orphaned boy as he searches for answers about his (very illegal) magical abilities.

More than once, our teenage selves found some comfort in the genre—and occasionally learned lessons we could apply to our real, everyday lives.

Below is a selection of 14 fantasy books for teens that you (probably) haven't read yet.

Now 14, he lives with his adoptive family in the city of Dunce, a place where magic is feared and illegal.

RELATED: 10 Great Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books featuring Multidimensional Women After Jansa’s queen and royal family were killed, Esha became a legendary rebel called the Viper.

Now tasked with making the guilty pay, her next task is to eliminate the ruthless General Hotha.

Together, will these two gifted sisters lead their people to peace—or to a violent downfall?

A genre-blending epic fronted by two unique heroines, The Great Alta Saga proves why Jane Yolen has been hailed as "the Hans Christian Andersen of America" (High school senior Jessica Packwood is determined to make this year her best one yet.

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