Books on interracial dating

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Through the story of an overweight Dominican nerd growing up in New Jersey, Diaz gives you a sense of just how much the political history of your heritage can be inextricably tied to your family, your culture, your language… Click Here To Buy Never fear, this isn’t just a boring history book.

Open Veins of Latin America is of the most poetic nonfiction books you’ll ever read.

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Click Here To Buy History can be seriously personal, and Junot Díaz’s Oscar Wao does a great job of showing how.Click Here To Buy Fantasy is a fantastic (tee hee) way of having fun while thinking creatively about race.Using different metaphors and imaginary worlds or circumstances to talk about the issues facing us today it what sci-fi and fantasy do best, and The Intuitionist is one of the best examples of exploring race through fantastical fiction.Race is more than just a conversational topic; it can be pretty crucial to shaping your identity, your politics, and your daily freaking experience.So, being in an interracial relationship can mean a lot (and I mean, a lot) of talking, reading, listening, and just generally working like crazy to try to understand where each other is coming from. This list probably isn’t going to be what you’re expecting, but you don’t have to go out and read a bunch of self-helpy (probably super-boring), couples therapy books to make your relationship work.

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