Brad womack dating history

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Enter Womack, who constantly deflects attention from himself to focus on the needs and whimsies of his potential brides. He then tells the camera how excited he is that the date "solely centers on pampering Jackie." Later on, when he whisks Jackie off to a private dinner and concert at the Hollywood Bowl, he toasts his by now totally smitten date by saying: "Here is to what I hope is as close to a perfect day as possible for you.On his first date with Jackie, a 27-year-old artist who lives in New York, he brings her to a luxurious day spa. I'm glad it's you." And throughout the night, which concludes with a private Train concert, he frequently murmurs, "I hope you're happy." Like other famous Charmers, such as Bill Clinton, Womack "doesn't draw attention to him or herself, and is a really good listener," says Greene.According to Robert Greene, author of The Art of Seduction, Womack is the modern equivalent of Benjamin Disraeli, one of the greatest seducers of all time.It was Disraeli, after all, who as prime minister of England in the late 1800s seduced the socks off Queen Victoria by appealing to the stodgy royal's femininity and deeply buried sexuality.According to Greene, Womack displays the classic traits of a Charmer, one of the nine seducer types he breaks down in his book (others include The Rake, The Dandy, The Coquette, etc.).

In addition to being a Charmer, Womack also has a touch of the Dandy, a personality type that was most effectively embodied by Rudolph Valentino, according to Greene."People, on an obvious level, think a male dandy is someone who wears ruffled shirts, but that's not the case," says Greene.

Womack clams up and is visibly thrown off his game when Emily, a pretty blond widow, tells him what a "great-looking" guy he is and how, when she first saw him, she was "super intimidated," and that, "I'm just so grateful to be here.

And I'm even more grateful that it's you" (a line ripped right out of the Womack Charm Guide)."You make me lose words," he stammers nervously.

Ratings for Brad Womack's comeback season on The Bachelor are down, and he's been scorned as a featureless, psychobabbling Ken doll.

But beneath his boring exterior lies a highly skilled Romeo, says Nicole La Porte. The star of The Bachelor has been called "the most reviled" bachelor in the show's history since his first appearance on the reality series three years ago, when he had the gall to leave two ladies rose-less at the end of the show (i.e., he did not pick a bachelorette).

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