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You've got to truly enjoy the game, make the most of every opportunity in the game. More on Brett Favre's career • Orlando Pace popularized 'pancake' • Marvin Harrison's game quiet, intense • Tony Dungy's far-reaching influence • Ken Stabler epitomized 'badass' • Celebrating Dick Stanfel with HOF nod • Eddie De Bartolo Jr.

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There, strength-and-conditioning coach Kent Johnston sets to work on Favre's aching body, guiding him through exercises that include sit-ups and a medicine-ball drill designed to loosen his stiff joints and muscles."I'm a new man!

" Favre announces as he pulls out a plastic bottle from behind Johnston's counter. "It's branched-chain amino acids from Australia," Johnston says. The only fauna that respond to Favre's call are a couple of garter snakes.

But the other thing, and I heard this from fans even of other teams, they would say, 'I can't wait until he's not playing anymore, but you've got to love his enthusiasm for the game.' I think people loved the fact that he was almost like a little kid out there on the field, and he truly loved playing.

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More than the 508 touchdown passes (and, of course, the 336 interceptions), more than the 297 consecutive starts, Favre resonated with fans because he shared everything with them: his addiction to Vicodin; his wife, Deanna's, battle with breast cancer; the death of his beloved father, Irv, on the eve of one of his greatest performances; plus his love of hunting, golf and partying with his teammates."He's living in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and he's in the fishbowl; people knew what he had for breakfast, lunch and dinner -- never mind every family secret he might have had," said Mike Sherman, the Packers' coach from 2000 to 2005. I think he shared himself with the fans and the media.

When he was asked questions, he never said, 'I don't want to talk about this.' He would talk about anything and everything.

And the arthritis that he knows is advancing in both hips.CANTON, Ohio -- He didn't just play; he played every game.He didn't just experience hardships; he lived through them in public.He didn't just have fun; he had more fun than just about anyone.Brett Favre played football, lived his life and enjoyed it the only way he knew how."I can't say I was the best passer, I can't say that I was the most mobile, I can't say I was tough.

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