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He has, however, recently started dating Son Ga-In from the pop girl group, Brown Eyed Girls.; born January 10, 1981), better known simply as Brian, is an American-born South Korean K-pop and R&B recording artist who is better known as one-half of the R&B duo Fly to the Sky.They won Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards three years in a row (2017-2019). They were named 25 Most Influential People On The Internet by Time in 2017. 11 : juu ichi (joo as in juice itchy) 12 : juu ni (joo knee) 13 : juu san (joo sun) 14 : juu yon (joo yawn) 15 : juu go (joo go as in go somewhere) 16 : juu roku (joo lowcoo) 17 : juu nana (joo nana as in banana) or juu shichi (joo she chee as in cheating) 18 : juu hachi (joo…When (Fly to the Sky) sang, many think Fany is the main vocal, and that I am the second vocal and a rapper.I won't mention his name, but one producer once said to Fany, "You are a really good singer", when he only said "Good job", to me. Brian is interested in breaking into the American music industry, as Rain and Se7en are doing, but is waiting for the right opportunity.Most recently, Joo starred (as himself) in the English segment of the mini-series, Homey Korean, presented by Arirang.Joo - along with co-star and real life friend, Chris Pemberton - teach basic Korean language as well as discuss the culture, landmarks, popular tourist sites, and daily life of Korea to English-speaking foreigners.

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Brian Joo stated in an interview that he loved Toronto very much, was surprised by how kind and calm the fans were, and stated that once he retires he would like to come and live in Toronto permanently.The album incorporated diverse genres such as classic pop, soul, and jazz.With this album, Joo hoped to gain more respect as an artist, rather than being known as "Fly to the Sky without Fany". I also wanted to show that I could [be successful] as Brian (sic).After several months of training, he was sent to SM Entertainment in South Korea, and on December 9, 1999, made his debut as one of the two members of Fly to the Sky, along with Hwanhee, at the age of 17.Joo later went on to attend Rutgers University, but only completed a single year.

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