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Our members experience the usual range of 'canine conundrums', from not having car transport and living in rented accommodation where pets are not allowed, to health related (2 & 4 legged) mobility restrictions and the need for managed dog socialisation and behaviour training.

Our Community therefore aims to be fully inclusive by offering a range of events across the region, facilitating smaller local hub Member meet ups, and developing an active dog friendly community support network.

If you're limited by a sick or elderly mutt or have limited mobility yourself, don't let it put you off - please get in touch to see how our Community can help.

Canine Conundrum UK is a community group spread across a wide area.

Ever find it hard to fit in adult social time and human exercise with life’s responsibilities, like the daily dog walk?

Well, although we can't help you with the household chores or do your job, we can offer you a chance to be part of our Community and join other Members for group walks, dog friendly social events, education and training events, cafe & pub meet ups, beach barbecues, camping holidays and more.

Our network is also open to dog lovers without a dog.

Mixed family groups with young children will only be invited to special events suitable for their age range.

Members will always meet first in a public open space safe for an initial meet and greet, to let our mutts meet and greet in their own happy way.

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